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Noah Meernaum
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  • The Queen City, Ohio
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Summer showcase for Steampunks

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hephzibah Marsh Aug 15, 2010. 5 Replies

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Ryan Grimm replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"If we ever meet, be assured that any absinthe on premises is yours, I can't stand the stuff.You may like it, if only because absinthe makes the heart grow fonder for it."
Dec 21, 2016
SouthernGothic replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"You made yourself conspicuous by your absinthe."
Dec 21, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"The Professor is reconciled to becoming a mere blur behind his mustache . Two small children , one looks searchingly at the Professor . " What have I done ? " , wonders that benighted individual . Prison looms . " That's a…"
Dec 9, 2016
Ryan Grimm replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"As I was discharging the young passengers of the school bus I was driving, one commented on my 'walking stick' which sat upon the dash....which stick of late has been my constant companion due to a recent minor knee surgery.The fact that I…"
Oct 29, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"The young man did say something along those lines but I was too modest to mention it . I think he meant it kindly !"
Oct 27, 2016
J XD replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"and to look completely unforgettable, as you do, Professor."
Oct 27, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"Visiting a traveling art exhibition I finished before dear Madam Fate ( my guide in all things ) who insists on reading the captions . I asked the doorman if I could leave and return . " Not officially . " , he replied , " But if…"
Oct 26, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"A dinner guest asked to examine my Edwardian double-hunter pocket watch . " Did you inherit it ? " , he asked . " No " , I replied , " I inherited nothing  but my good looks . ""
Oct 20, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"and often amused !"
Sep 11, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate commented on Noah Meernaum's group Collective Covertures
"Wonderful ."
Sep 9, 2016
J XD replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"Madam Fate is endlessly clever."
Sep 9, 2016
Professor Argon Bats commented on Noah Meernaum's group Collective Covertures
"Straw bergère with huge ribbon bows and vintage ostrich feather, to go with my pink silk gown inspired by a ca. 1890 Worth dress, itself inspired by late 18th c. fashions."
Sep 8, 2016
Ryan Grimm replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
Sep 4, 2016
Prof. Sebastian Fate replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"Readers with long memories may recall a discussion about the virtue of well shined shoes . A recent incident suggests that the shine may be useful in otherwise distressing circumstances . Dear Madam Fate ( his guide in all things ) and the…"
Sep 3, 2016
Ann liked Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
Aug 20, 2016
Captain Theodore Julius Atkins. replied to Noah Meernaum's discussion Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed
"My Dear Ms. Jarvest, I would like to "clue you in" to something... most males worth their salt appreciate a woman who feels no need to "bare it all", as it were.  I, myself, find a woman in a skirt and blouse far more…"
Jun 28, 2016

Profile Information

Mr. Noah Meernaum, a man of many aesthetic interests and pursuits, not to mention hats.

“Then Martine said: "So you will be poor now all your life, Babette?"
Poor?" said Babette. She smiled as if to herself. "No, I shall never be poor. I told you that I am a great artist. A great artist, Mesdames, is never poor. We have something, Mesdames, of which other people know nothing.”

― Karen Blixen, “Babette’s Feast”



Nearing the point of which there is a near agreeable turn of another year there is cause to update this shared relation herein, as to engaging the larger aspects of steampunk worldwide as well as personal interactions with the local Cincinnati and regional Tri-State Leagues expansive bearing or otherwise close gathering together under the aforesaid following conjunction in my particular environs.


To those participants who may be unfamiliar with my enigmatic avatar in this electronic Empire there is a tendency for a formidable amount of verbiage to be conducted around the various odd obsessions that have drawn this variant persona onto this peculiar site. These abundantly worded replies or reviews undertaken may be read as absurd to overwrought entries or be a cause of mistaken umbrage, with of course those who decide to ignore much- if not all of- such lengthy exchanges altogether.


In broad reflection, since my time here it has been my good fortune that many other participants have thoughtfully responded to these scattered curiosities herein and elsewhere that lean toward literary pursuits, including those sometimes bastardized or bawdy picture books often derided as comic books, with additional forays into fashion, film, fantastic illustrations, or other modes of visual art. While collectively called steampunk in a round manner, there is an expansive difference according to individual interpretation of what constitutes inclusive consideration under this rather bizarre banner. Indeed, this extensive debate upon this strange compilation is frequently a cause of fiery contention, sometimes leading to prolonged divisions or eventual deep fissures resulting. The unusual combination of steampunk however appears to permit a wider admittance than most other collective ensembles or mixed groups that with the increasing expansion continue to attract a multiethnic audience from around the world. From my access here, the exposure to further diverse viewpoints has expanded my personal perspectives while continuing to encourage deliberation and experimentation through ongoing written reviews or directly applied aesthetic projects.


While endeavors continue to clear my past cloudy or limited range goggles toward the continuing fluid intermixtures adapted of this anomalous collection called steampunk- that has so rousingly resurfaced- it is acknowledged that there is remaining fondness for the past printed productions, especially those pamphlet monthlies often re-collected as graphical novels. Furthermore, the addressed outrageous reach upon what constitutes steampunk most certainly conspires to stretch beyond what many may protest is preposterous as it often goes too far outside of a reasonable allowance. No doubt the array conceived or reconsidered through my outlook by various outlets will be found to be ridiculous or unseemly to some who have a counter opinion of what is duly representative of steampunk. Of this parting particularity it is welcomed as additional differences from which to draw and reflect, with no pushing prescriptivism from my erratic output meant at any time to be implacably upheld.


In terms of misty vision, the advance of years, combined with many hours minutely drawing are beginning to take their toll on this mature frame. Alas, this self-imposed scribe and scribbler, though occasionally willfully taking a prescribed tonic at a arranged gathering with the local Cincinnati or regional Ohio Steampunks, is usually desperately at the drawing board or portable computation device. If not otherwise engaged with these proclivities, this ‘old aesthetic hand’ is consciously occupied at a premier art gallery, along with gleeful outings or welcomed free time with my delightful daughter.  While there is an effort to actually interact with the surrounding Steampunks of the monthly salons and various other activities, wherefrom some are fitting to invite my daughter, other responsibilities and interests keep me otherwise occupied in my atelier.


As to the worldwide or nearby conventions, wherein many are widely met monetary constraints unfortunately limit my range of travel in that purpose, though it is a longer range goal to attend. Concerning the close acquaintances’ and companions that formatively began this ethereal realm while establishing the Cincinnati Steampunks, they- along with the protracted enthusiasts hailing from the Tri-State area- continue to be a refreshing mixture of like-minded people that reflect a constant anticipated source of active correspondence.   



Physically in Cincinnati with a aspired universal vision embraced-



Noah Meernaum 

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Noah Meernaum's Blog

A sort of wild aesthetic manifesto

Posted on October 13, 2009 at 11:02am 0 Comments

I advocate- and highly respect- the study and present usage of the venerable traditional forms of writing, poetry, and visual art – as the comprehension of their particular complex structures and individual usage of materials or mediums involved significantly strengthen artistic knowledge and expression by allowing connective appreciation to develop both in past admiration and individual exploration of its relevant ability to address the existential, while encouraging its transitional prospect,… Continue

A relation and reflection of a conversation involving the use of the term costume and its relativity to this play we call life.

Posted on July 10, 2009 at 12:26pm 6 Comments

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine that I have known for some time when she remarked upon what she described as my fanciful attire. She acknowledged that while she appreciated my individuality in dress (and also approved of my ‘good taste’ in vintage clothing) she remarked that with the addition of certain other accoutrements (she specifically mentioned bow ties, hats, and what she called ‘dandified’ shoes) that I was somehow transgressing into the boundary of… Continue

A brief history of the seersucker, prompted by the opinions of the many misinformed Cincinnatians I have encountered recently

Posted on July 10, 2009 at 12:00pm 3 Comments

Ah the good old summertime in Cincinnati when in July and into August the temperature begins to climb into the high 80's and 90's (Fahrenheit) and what is the well-dressed gentleman to do? One solution is to drape oneself with the audacious yet exceedingly comfortable fabric commonly referred to as seersucker. It requires a bold gentleman to don this crimpy crinoline with confidence, yet I assure you that when (or if) you do you will be a cool, yet still chic chap. Since I have recently… Continue

An acknowledgement of the accomplishments of one Nikola Tesla on the anniversary of his birth.

Posted on July 10, 2009 at 10:08am 0 Comments

I was pleasantly suprised and delighted today to see that the folks at Google have utilized an image of the extraordinary Tesla coil (

Innovations&A=INV) to commemorate the birthdate of one of the foremost innovative scientific minds of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mr. Nikola Tesla. It is certainly a travesty of our American educational system that the majority of historical curriculum pertaining to… Continue

A Steampunk by any other name...

Posted on July 1, 2009 at 6:48am 0 Comments

So it is at this present time of my life that I have ‘discovered’/’re-discovered’ this ethos in which other merry bands or singularly like minded extraordinary elegant eccentrics and fantastically fabulous fabulists that make up what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Steampunk’ movement or genre.

As adverse as I am to labeling and compartmentalizing (I prefer to embrace a more mercurial methodology) it seems we share a common interest in the fantastic and theatrical diverse,… Continue

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At 12:03pm on December 22, 2013, Professor Gustave Morbeus said…

Greeting Sir Meernaum, please accept this invitation of friendship.

I am Gustave Morbeus, professor of Patametaphysics, new to the empire

and eager to make contact with like minded people.

At 12:35pm on April 13, 2013, Frenchy and the Punk said…

Greetings! Thank you for the kind words. See you at Symposium 2013!

At 9:34pm on December 29, 2012, Lady Sophronia Bloodthorne-Clark said…

Greetings and Felicitations, Mr. Meernaum. Thank you for your very kind welcome. I have been enjoying reading all about the history and manufacture of ladies' and gentlemens' hats. I have been enjoying al the info, and will continue to investigate the forum.

At 4:40pm on October 20, 2012, Prof. Sebastian Fate said…

Good to see you around .
I trust that life has been treating you and yours well .

At 3:11pm on May 22, 2012, Mademoiselle Suzette Cherie said…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH! I hope you have the best birthday ever! =)

At 10:00am on May 6, 2012, Ay-leen the Peacemaker said…

Hi Noah,

It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person as well! I loved looking at your artwork, and I hope your panels were successful at SPES. If I am ever out in the area again, that we can sit down and grab a coffee or a drink. Til then, there is always the Empire :) (And, of course, if you ever wanted to return as a contributor to BV, my door is always open!)



At 9:21pm on February 5, 2012, Mademoiselle Suzette Cherie said…

Dearest Noah, I was quite confused when I read your comment. I foolishly thought the salon was held this Tuesday, Feb 7th. After reading your comment I tried to go back and check my events but cannot locate any info about this months salon. I think I have made a dire mistake and checked off "maybe" for the January salon. How foolish of me for January has come and gone.

I have been smiling all week long, thinking about finally meeting you! I am extremely disappointed that I have messed this up. My dress would have been completed by this months "supposed" salon. I have worked  very hard on it and it would have been very suitable for this months salon for my dress is Valentinesy.

Would you like to join me this Friday or Saturday? We could meet at a tavern/drinkery? If this week will not work for you, I am off most Fridays and Saturdays.

                        ~Mlle Susette Cherie~


At 7:39am on January 16, 2012, Melora Dashwood said…

This piece is amazing Mr. Meernaum! I am truly flattered that you chose to include me. Keep up the stellar work!

-Miss Dashwood

At 10:37pm on January 7, 2012, Lady Eleanor Gentry Vesper said…

Sir Meernaum,

It was an absolute delight to see your wonderful illustration! It has left a great impression on me and I hope you find as much joy in it as its onlookers do! Truly wonderful, you are extremely talented and I wish you the best!


Lady Vesper

P.S. I'm sure my husband would share the same sentiments, I hope he is able to witness the illustration one day.

At 1:47pm on December 25, 2011, Mademoiselle Suzette Cherie said…

Dearest Noah, On Santa's list of who's been nice, your name appears not once, but twice! Wishing You a VERY Merry Christmas.

Thinking fondly of you as well. ~Mademoiselle Suzette Cherie~



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