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Profile Information

I'm an eater of books, a Wonderdark pen, a greensteam-fond etherist, who enjoys a good mushroom steak and splash of plum wine in the library cabin of my metal balloon. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm sure.

-PZ a.k.a Melanina Starfield, Archival Aetherist

Reach me via The Azure Bird's house
(though I prefer to use for reasons I shall not passionately list here. It is a loooong telling I fear.

A personal project independent of the Moorwing Archive, though it may be submitted for logging at a later date.

Greetings dearest readers, and even-tempered Bookeaters,

Below lies a list of Independent (and sometimes not so much) works of Steampunk emerging from all-cultural rootage (msg me with any not yet on the list-- Please accept my advance apology for any snail's pace I may operate through):

-Neil Gaiman-A study in Emerald Audiobook here
-Dazjae Zoem- Wonderdark (Reviewer Edition)
-See the Steampunk group @ BlackScienceFictionSociety
for excerpts of Whiyaul, Milton Davis and more!

-Maurice Broaddus-Pimp my airship, Apex Books (satirical)
Milton Davis- The Sivad Chronicles (Forthcoming)
Philip Reeve- Mortal Engines (1st of a quartet), Starcross and more.
Richard Senate- Flight of Hercules
-Gail Carriger- Soulless
-A list of Steampunk comments containing indie author links I've yet to log separately.
Mercedes Lackey- The Wizard of London (Steampunk elements)
Captain Zaphod- Twitter lit and links
-Malon Edwards- Bijoux and the coaldust faery
(within Purplemag's Black Fae Antho-- forthcoming
Update 2/2010:
Check Malon's profile for a link to the digi-version..)
-MM Carter- DYCTER group lit installment feat Inspector Okoye
(title forthcoming/Check Purple Mag 8 for the first installment)

-Philip Reeves- Mothstorm (3rd in a trio? series-Not quite finished reading. A little slow at times but amazing;y entertaining as far as steampunk aesthetic and turn of phrase goes. It does feature a person of color in its cast)

Fun and Games and Musical Ethers:

Tom Slatter's 'Spinning the Compass' [la musica]
Machinarium [game]
For the villians [game]
Aeronef and other steampunk games [game]
Spam for Tiffin

Unquestionably I've just barely gotten started with this record. Do bear with me, gracious friends. Send recommendations, if you will!
-Aetherist PZ

*cups hands about mouth* Did you click the orange-ish lines?! They work. Mostly. *dusts off dress, pulls the frock coat tighter to fend off the breeze, and returns to the Moorwing where... mushroom pastries and mulberry teacakes await* *Smiles pleased and heavy-lidded*

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HuemindFantastic: Wonderdark: The Awakening of Zuza ARC Edition

Posted on February 9, 2010 at 1:00am 0 Comments

Color-in image: BrothahScritch for Wonderdark

Wonderdark is... well you'll have to read the first book to get a sense of it's true definition. It's extended from the heart after it's time spent in the chambers of a #greenwand… Continue

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At 1:58pm on March 30, 2014, Sir Thomas Cain said…

Thankyou good lady for the recommendations. I shall endeavour to have a closer look at them. May I be so bold as to suggest a book I quite enjoyed, The Anubis Gates, by Tim Powers.  I hope you are well, I must go as a cup of tea and my pipe are demanding my attention. Good evening, and farewell.

At 11:50am on March 9, 2010, c-ko Taylor said…
Thank you for the greeting ^.^
At 4:35pm on March 05, 2010, someone gave PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist a giftAnonymous
At 3:29pm on March 3, 2010, Nimue said…
Thanks for the Bday blessings!
I'm not specifically trained, but my mother is also attuned to Reiki 3, and supposed to help me get there. I'm also looking into energy healing through dance, and my own massage-touch exploration :)
At 1:19pm on March 2, 2010, Lady Eloise Filter said…
Am curently reading Robert Rankin at the moment and having a great laugh doing so :) love my books, read many many and can't choose a fave. Love Neil Gaiman etc though..hmmmm
At 9:56am on March 2, 2010, John Sprocket said…
Wonderful! I am honoured, my dear!
At 10:53pm on March 1, 2010, John Sprocket said…
Thank you so much! Nice to meet you as well!

We're still recording the CD, but it's coming soon! In the spring! So glad you like it! :)

- Captain John Sprocket
At 8:19am on March 1, 2010, Jha Goh said…
Whilst you figure that out, might I inquire as to how I can peruse a reviewer's copy of Wonderdark?
At 9:28pm on February 27, 2010, Jha Goh said…
Wonderful! Feel no obligation nor guilt if you can't make it, of course, but I daresay we would welcome the contribution of your company immensely.
At 12:33pm on February 27, 2010, Jha Goh said…
Not only will I be attending, but the esteemed Ay-Leen and myself will be hosting a discussion on social issues in steampunk, and another showcase on non-Eurocentric steampunk. We would be delighted to have you as part of our coterie.
At 9:34pm on February 26, 2010, Jha Goh said…
M'lady Melanina! I must inquire as to whether you will be attending the Steampunk World's Fair!
At 6:40am on February 19, 2010, Professor Philip McKraken said…
Welcome to The Asylum!
Don’t dawdle here in the lobby, please proceed to “Admitting”.
Prof. P.M.
At 3:04pm on February 18, 2010, Duchess B. Wolf said…
greetings for u too :)
At 1:24am on February 11, 2010, Captain Wong Wei said…
And greetings to you too Lady Starfield.
At 9:45pm on February 9, 2010, Dister said…
Likewise ^___^.
At 8:31pm on February 9, 2010, CZGrey said…
my apologies on replying so late.
However, it is a real pleasure making you acquaintance Lady Starfield.
At 8:22pm on February 9, 2010, Jha Goh said…
Madame, you are intriguing and a delight to see here! Apologies for being remiss in welcoming you to this community!
At 4:13am on February 6, 2010, Frau Michelle said…
it is a pleasure to meet you as well
At 11:42pm on February 3, 2010, Commodore Arcturus Brass(Gideon) said…
Welcome aboard, my new friend and (hopefully) well-met!
At 2:52pm on February 3, 2010, Shamus Tinplate said…
Dear Lady no need for honorifics. I am simply Tinplate or Shamus to my mates.
Thank you for your kind offer of friendship PZ-M. Any ally in the vastness of the aether is greatly appreciated.
Steam on,

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