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Samara Cogsbane
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  • Dover, NH
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Hello, I'm Samara, the Gypsy of The Engineer & The Gypsy (Marcus being The Engineer...but that will be explained soon enough). Marcus and I met in early June of 2011, a day I will not soon forget...

Walking home from performing at the local renaissance faire, I was stopped in my tracks by a blinding bright light emanating from the sky. It disappeared as suddenly as it had come and in it's place was an airship...I thought I'd gone crazy. It wasn't until I saw others around me staring as well that I decided it was really there.

The side the airship read "A.S. Mephisto", and was like nothing I had never seen before. I watched as it glided towards a church and tied off on the steeple. More ropes were lowered and men began to descend them. Being curious by nature, I headed toward the church without a second thought. By the time I made it there others were walking away, muttering about "Hollywood stunts", "freakish people', and "weirdos".

I finally made it though the waves of people heading away from airship and it's occupants, not sure what to expect. What I found was a small group of men, all looking very confused and extremely weary... and all wearing turn of the century, Victorian clothing. I noticed one of them attempting to talk with those left in the crowd, but whoever he spoke with would simply scowl or laugh then walk away. I approached him and introduced myself. He told me his name was Marcus, that he was serving on the A.S. Mephisto as the lead engineer and promptly asked me what year it was.

I admit that I was taken off guard, but informed him that it 2011. He staggered and had to sit. I'm not sure still if it was the sincerity of his reaction or just more curiosity, but I sat next to him on the ground and asked what was going on. It was then he explained that he had been serving on the Mephisto for years, and had been working on experimental technology while on board dealing with time travel. The first time he and his men had "flipped the switch" he found himself above the church, most of the men who had been serving with him gone.

At this point it was his sincerity that kept me next to him listening. He told me of where he had come from, started babbling about daily life on the Mephisto, with random comments about the people here having "drab clothing", which made me laugh. He called the other men over and made introductions, then explained to them where and when they were.....followed by the fact that the device that had gotten them here had been severely damaged in the travel and he didn't know how long they would be stuck here.

In the days that followed I spent a lot of time with Marcus and his men. I brought them meals and drinks (the drinks never lasted long with them). Eventually, as the garments they wore became threadbare with daily use they employed my skills as a seamstress to create their clothing to meet their specifications, especially Marcus who was very particular about his mode of dress. Eventually his men disappeared, having decided the time travel device wouldn't get fixed, or getting lost in a drunken stupor somewhere....and it was just Marcus and myself left.

He still tries to get the "temporal thrusters" working...but his obsession with it has faded some. After some time with him staying with me I taught him to sew and together we created The Engineer & The Gypsy, a meld of the belly dance garb I love so much and the beautifully elegant clothing he loves so much and misses from his past.

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At 5:43am on May 16, 2012, James R. Murray said…

Well I hope both of your join us in the Accepted Cog Saloon soon. Perchance you could put on a show for us. Lithesome ladies are well received, by the gents and some of the female waitstaff too!

At 3:01am on May 16, 2012, James R. Murray said…

I actually feel I did not do yours justice, as i wanted to tell you about mine. It was a truly great tale, I particularly like the blend of steam tech and modern life. Sooo, is Marcus real or fictional? It is so damn hard to tell with some of these intros.

At 8:25pm on May 15, 2012, James R. Murray said…

Hmm, an interesting tale. I'll let you into a secret of my own. It is technically a trade secret, however , you and you partner seem like such sincere and lovely people, i am swayed by your plight
.A well respected author I refer to a lot discovered L-space, that dimension created by the accumulation of knowledge into which all libraries in time and space are linked.
I reasoned that as once alcohol is consumed people seem to know everything, the same principles could be applied In a bar i owned, called The Accepted Cog Saloon, thus
Alcohol=knowledge, knowledge=power, power = energy, energy=matter, and matter=mass.
Since mass has the ability to warp space, this formulae allowed me to punch through the barrier of space and time and link all places where alcohol is served via B-space, wherever and whenever they may be. So, request a food or drink, and I shall navigate the labyrinth of B-space to find you your desire (by removing it from another’s establishment, but I leave payment {sometimes}) and return to you in mere moments. There is a karma in it all, as i have allowed other barkeeps entrance to the system, so we all borrow from each other.
All this works well for a bar, but maybe you and Marcus might like to come with me and return to the times he is more used to. Come with me and join in the fun at The Accepted Cog Saloon. (for the sake of avoiding confusion, it is a forum to be found on the main page of The Steampunk Empire. Others thought I was actually inviting them to join me at a pub!)

At 3:43am on May 15, 2012, James R. Murray said…

Sounds like a story. Tell us more about it. 


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