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Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker
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Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker's Page

I am a reader of words, a teller of tales, a lover of music and a writer of songs. Other than that what I do is my own affair, but for the sake of courtesy I will tell you this much: Damn, I love a good laugh!

Samples of my songs can be found in my video section, and samples of my writings can be found on various lavatory walls across North America…



And at these following links:


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Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker's Blog

A touch of poetry

Posted on August 21, 2009 at 1:30am 4 Comments

Herein lies a short story of mine:

These are works I have not put to music yet, and may never. Still, if you'd like to have a look...


By Horatio VonDarkfaulker


Within long rings of standing rocks

The Priestess sings of moonlit Nox

Whose ebon dress and raven…


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At The End Of The World

End of the world again, Monty Python, Peter Paul and Mary, End of the World theme song, Douglas Adams -ish
Dec 6, 2012
Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker is now friends with Cheryl Fisher, Calamus "Captain Cal" Mandrake, Madame Stortleege Vilkrindore and Phylida Dolohov more
Dec 6, 2012
JB Shields replied to Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker's discussion Introductions: Who Are You? in the group Collaboration Corner
"I write cross-genre. It's my passion. I've written both professionally in multiple areas and also I write for kicks. This winter I'm working on an Indy Steampunk film project, but that is a ways to go. I especially would like to…"
Jul 26, 2012
Prof. Jameson Kent replied to Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker's discussion Introductions: Who Are You? in the group Collaboration Corner
"After reading the previous introductions, I am humbled to find myself among such a host of creative individuals!  I fear my own background pales considerably in comparison.  I work as a computer programmer in a top secret location, which I…"
Jun 13, 2012
Mrs. Emeline Warren left a comment for Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker
"My good sir! After an absence too long and often quite hectic, I am back! Wanted to alert you to this fact, though the last 2 or 3 days I've been getting my sea-legs back (enough so that I have apparently offended some ignorant clod on a…"
Aug 8, 2011

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Profile Information

The truth is like an ever-pervading flame that brooks no demarcation as it torches the deceptive fringes of what passes for reality to most people. Once one allows oneself to see the truth as it really is, such an event can ultimately rend asunder the gossamer-thin soap bubble of sanity to which we unconsciously cling, leaving our senses naked to the murky Otherness that lies hidden from the shallow range of our perception. You have felt it at times, I am sure: a teasingly audible slither coming from underneath your bed at night as you seek surrender in the listless oblivion of nightmare-seeded slumber, or the suspenseful, rhythmic shuffle of footsteps approaching from just beyond the locked door at the end of a darkened hallway; jiggling the doorknob; restlessly moving to and fro upon the creaky hardwood floor while you know damn good and well you are the only one in the house.

When it happened did you sweat? Did you forget to breathe? Did you maniacally mewl and blubber on the loose taste of terror while everything else puckered up with unbearable tightness? Perhaps, as some tend to do, perhaps you opted to empty your bladder down the length of your spanky-leg while wildly capering and prancing about in a darkened room, cursing the heavens when brutally cracking your shin bones against unseen, low-lying objects, and filling up the rest of the time by pitifully begging the gods to deliver you from evil, to make the boogeyman go away. Or at least turn the damned lights back on for a minute.

Thankfully, as it happens with most mortals, before you are dragged quivering and naked before the hostile talons of the universe, your conditioning from a lifetime of prejudice comes into play: you get hold of yourself, reinforcing that bubble of normality through which you view the world. And the Otherness recedes. It becomes nothing more than the whispery rustling of the sibilant evening winds, or an untrimmed tree branch tirelessly scratching and clacking at your bedroom window. Your universe once again becomes a place of cause and effect~.

From the scientific world of quantum mechanics we find that under certain conditions the act of observing has an influence on the phenomena being observed, that we affect the state of the thing by the very act of perceiving it, by measuring it. On a more human scale we call this effect the supernatural, the paranormal; we call it magic. And once you perceive it as such it does not go away. You forever become like a lightening rod for the arcane. It is a fate not even I can save you from. But I can warn you.

I am Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker. What I do is my own affair, but for the sake of courtesy, I will tell you this much: I am a hunter of monsters and a researcher of the paranormal. As you learn of my harrowing exploits you should be aware that every word you read is like a tiny fracture in the protective shield of ignorance that stands between you and the Otherness that lies in wait. If you are the type to cringe in the Darkness begging for the lights to come back on as the doorknob jiggles, then my words aren’t for you. Stop reading now before it is too late. But if you, like me, are the type to stand up, crack a beer and call out jeers as you defiantly moon the oncoming shadows of the night, then read on.

It is likely too late for you anyway

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At 9:06pm on August 8, 2011, Mrs. Emeline Warren said…
My good sir!
After an absence too long and often quite hectic, I am back! Wanted to alert you to this fact, though the last 2 or 3 days I've been getting my sea-legs back (enough so that I have apparently offended some ignorant clod on a certain thread. Of note, his diatribe response to me was more damaging to himself than my person, and yet I wager he has no idea of same. Prime example of the unarmed sort with whom one cannot in good conscience engage in a battle of wits. More over, I did not respond with a similar example of rude childishness, as he was not worth the powder, as they say.) My recent bad behavior aside, I am checking in to be certain all is well with you and I have not been forgotten! Cheers!
At 11:19pm on March 2, 2011, Stormpriest D'Nomad said…
no worries mate. sorry for how long its taken me to get back to you. I found a large steampunk assembly at been playin there and at face book.
At 9:49pm on February 7, 2011, Lady Annie Von Horne said…
Thank you for your kind compliment about my pics, and it's a pleasure to be friends with you!  :-D
At 6:13pm on February 1, 2011, G.A. Jack Hammerquist said…

Hello Doctor

Sorry for the slow reply, to many things going on of late. I have been in Denton all my life and well frankly it is as flat as always. I was never much for getting out or getting into trouble for that matter so I although I can find any place in the county I really no little about most of it. Sorry to disapoint you.

At 9:04am on January 28, 2011, Olga L said…
Thank you for the kind welcome Dr. VonDarkfaulker, and for your friendship.
At 5:23am on January 26, 2011, Lady Sofia Michelle said…

Thank you so much for your kind words and warm welcome.  I am pleased to make your acquaintance!



At 1:00am on January 21, 2011, Vampie Oodles said…
Salutations and thank you for your gracious words.  My name is an homage to my Great-Grandmother, a lovely lady, who in her life, (and most likely her afterlife!) was brimming with wit and whimsy!  I hope your days and nights find you warm and full of smiles.
At 1:49am on January 19, 2011, Jon Magnificent said…
Let me know when you'll be attending a show!
At 1:02pm on January 18, 2011, Jon Magnificent said…

Thank you, sir, for your kind words.

I am honored to have you as my audience!

At 12:37am on January 18, 2011, Jon Magnificent said…
At 12:53pm on January 15, 2011, NCChickyChicky said…
A kindred spirit! I am overcome with joy! (I will see about supplying you with 2 albino frogs at once...)
Thank you for your kindness extended to this newcomer, you have made me feel most welcome.
At 10:31pm on January 14, 2011, Bebhionn said…
Its not often that someone can recognize the name for its origins. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. :)
At 7:07pm on January 12, 2011, Aloysius Fox said…
Just popped by to say wot-ho old chap! And a toodle-pip!
At 6:54pm on January 12, 2011, Hadaly L'Eve Future said…
Thank you so much for the compliments, and the friendship!
At 3:50pm on January 12, 2011, Duchess Lucianna said…
Why thank you kind sir. And may I say also, thank you for the virtual hand extended in friendship. Have you been long in the Empire?
At 8:04am on January 10, 2011, Captain Shelby Cinca said…
Thanks! Sounding good here Doctor!
At 10:51pm on January 7, 2011, Noah Meernaum said…

Herr VonDarkfaulker,


Indeed it has been overlong since we exchanged lines within this electronic realm, and it was well met to receive your recent note upon my personal page of well wishes toward this coming year. As to the mishandling of certain arranged words, I will try to take your advice to heart. Your high praise may extend itself too far as to my advanced abilities toward written composition, yet coming from one who is obviously well-versed in many aesthetic arrangements producing superlative relations or renditions it is greatly valued. May you also have good fortune in the New Year toward your own ventures.



At 12:28pm on December 31, 2010, George 'Dubael' Woodruff U.E. said…
Happy New Years to you too *smiles*
At 10:40am on December 30, 2010, George 'Dubael' Woodruff U.E. said…
Hello Auld Bean, what news?
At 4:36pm on November 7, 2010, Avalyn Gayle said…
What a marvelously wicked tale! Many thanks for the drink and I hope to some day return your generosity with a tale of my own. Though I must confess, Sophia is a difficult character to top.

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