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Chapter 23 Episode 10 Act III Scene I


  SCENE I:  The next day, in the smaller of the two libraries in the Lanza home.  CR&A+K are present.  It is nearly 1330, the time for their scheduled meeting with Lord Francis.  They are seated at a long table, conversing quietly.  Lucrezia is also present, seated in a corner, as usual.  The door opens and Lord Francis and Lady Tekla enter.  CR&A+K fall silent.  Lord Francis takes the seat at the head of the table.  Lady Tekla seats herself to his left.…


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The Aether Chronicle #19: "Springheel" Jack The Ripper CAPTURED!!!!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

"Springheel" Jack The Ripper CAPTURED!!!!

Courtesans Armed with Deadly Fans Seek Justice!

Miss Amelia Owen Kibbey FOUND!!


To Subscribe to The Aether Chronicle, click the link below and "Follow" the Discussion,…


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Sepiachord playlist for the week ending Oct 26th~

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending Oct 26th~…


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11th Annual Cabaret Macabre~ Oct 31st, Seattle

11th Annual Cabaret Macabre~ Oct 31st, Seattle…


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Underworld Ball Playlist, Oct 19~

Underworld Ball- DJ Mr Bodewell Playlist, Oct 19~…


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Dreadnoughts and Dragons: Prologue

Taken from The Unusual and Most Celebrated Murders in London and Canton, Anonymous

Horrible Murder

It is deep night, and ill moonlight falls on the platforms of Fenchurch Street Station. The bells of St Olave Hart Street sound the quarter hour along Crutched Friars as the last…


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Lockhart & Doppler six part penny dreadful, Part Two

Part 2. The Life and Crimes of Lockhart and Doppler

“The Stone of The Sons of Horus”

The odour in the cellar was quite overwhelming now, Bert Flowers had loosed his bowels in terror of Doppler and her syringe; of course, having yours sincerely hold a gun to your head doesn’t help either. 

 I knew who Bert was talking about,…


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Steampunk Action Shooting

Following on my “Steampunk 101” article published in the August issue of “The Cowboy Chronicles”, the Logans Ferry Regulators added a steampunk theme to their October Cowboy Action Shooting match. I looked on it as an opportunity to spread the…


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Captain Cornelius Pumpernickel's story

Today we took to the sky for the first time aboard the S.S. Ship Happens. I am still getting use to the new ship . Because flying an airship is a lot different than selling a ship on the sea. Some of the man are getting airsick which is something none of us were ever used to. For you see we were all pirate bounty hunters sailing the open seas. But you're probably all wondering how I ended up piloting an airship. Well I aim to tell you.

It all started at New Providence, an island…


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"Nightmare Blues" by Aaron J Shay

"Nightmare Blues" by Aaron J Shay is the Sepiachord featured video.…


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Lockhart & Doppler. Six Part Penny Dreadful. Part 1

This was the very first story based on mine and my daughters alter egos; Lucy Lockhart and Theodora Doppler. I deliberately gave myself a page limit just to see if I could do it. This story was first posted at: because I do not believe it's good enough to publish as an actual book. There have since been three more six part shorts and another 8 complete stories. See what you…


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Space 1889 Re-release

Released by Game Designers’ Workshop in 1988, Space 1889 was the first dedicated steampunk role playing game. Frank Chadwick had almost literally created a game that was ahead of its time because, while it had its fans and never really died out, it never really took off either. It was re-released in 2000 but it was still running ahead of the curve as the steampunk scene really hadn’t happened yet.…


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Open Invitation

This is an open invitation to anyone who would like to contribute to Go Steampunk magazine. Any articles, photos, artwork, how-to instructionals, and anyone who would like to sell items please let me know! The magazine is growing quickly, and I would like to have many voices contributing! With many voices the magazine will more correctly represent the steam punk community.

If you have a book you would like to publish feel free to contact me as well! I'd love to hear from you!…


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Doppler and I have discovered a map in the British Library, tucked away in a dusty old tome. Looks like someone forgot they put it there. I'm sure no-one will miss it if we 'borrow' it for a while...

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Steampunk Weekend at Old West Fest

As the steampunk weekend at the Old West Festival was to coincide with the Pandora Society's Steampunk Salon, even though I am running low on funds I decided to combine the two, splurge, and get a room for the night. There had been some talk about a local hotel having favorable rates for…


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The Aether Chronicle #18: Now You Can LIVE in the Steampunk World!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! 

Steampunk Online Game Designer Interviewed by Kevin Steil

New Steampunk Film In The Making!

Amelia Own Kibbey Lost on Route to Prague!

The Lastest Seamswaddle by Tropple E. Armitage


To Subscribe to The…


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I've Got a Special Hat...

My wife and I recently purchased a pair of Jack Skellington pendants for the purpose of embellishing our Halloween costumes and maybe adding a little steampunk flair.  The pictures below are of me in the hat.  I salvaged the hat band from an old hat that I had created and sewed one of the pendants onto it.  Here is the result:…


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Pittsburgh Comicon 2014

I have been costuming for too long and have won enough awards to not generally concern myself with costume contests. But I was so pleased with my high-concept Steampunk Django, and especially the coffin/carbonite/freezer unit that I decided I was going to give the contest at Pittsburgh Comicon a try.

I also typically go on Saturday but because I am becoming increasingly broke, I went for just the one day on Sunday for the…


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Interview with steampunk author Tina Connolly

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author Tina Connolly,

about her latest book, Silverblind

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