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Steampunk Stylin' & Dr. Grymm Featured on BBC America

One quick update: Amidst the rush in preparing for Nova Albion this weekend, I want to mention that the BBC America segment about steampunk had aired on Tuesday night as part of the BBC World News Hour. Readers may recall the Steampunk Stylin' event I organized in connection with this; I worked with the lovely gent Andy Gallacher on this story to get him in touch with maker Dr. Grymm as well as… Continue

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QUAINT #12 Lady Jaguar, the Robber Queen by William H. Manning

Vintage print of a Mexican cowgirl

Lady Jaguar was created by William H. Manning and appeared in “Lady Jaguar, the Robber Queen. A Romance of the Black Chaparral” (Beadle’s New York Dime Library v14 n176, 8 March 1882). Manning (1852-1929) was a Bostonian author of frontier stories and dime novels.

Doña Luisa Villena, a Mexican noblewoman, is drugged… Continue

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Happy Birthday, Harry!

Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz; March 24, 1874)

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March 21st DJ Panix Playlist~

March 21st DJ Panix Playlist~

Xenophiles: Room 229

Blue Oyster Cult: Burning for You

Meal Ticket: Worried about You

Undertones: Get Over You

Dream is Dead: Hail the New Pawn

Como Se Dice: Earplugs

Belvedere: It's Hard to Look Cool with your Head Up your A**

Night Sounds: Torment

Action Camp: Candy Corn (the Best Poison of All)

Soda Jerk: Yesterday

Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Living Science Foundation: Catch the… Continue

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More Scrapbook Clippings





A most devoted employee of the late Mr. MARTIN COXCOMBE found herself the heir of a substantial fortune on Wednesday morning, at the official…


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steampunk linkblog (abbreviated), March 22 2011

Hello. It's an insanely busy day here, so this is much shorter than usual. Stay tuned for a book review and giveaway contest over at the Steampunk Librarian later this week, though!


My current interest (obsession?): hauntology.


My fun find of the day:…


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It's the Cogs & Spring sale. 20% off all orders until April 1st! at DNBS

Hi everyone! and happy spring! now is a great time to go over to the Deadly Nightshade Botanical society website and celebrate spring with a new book or cd. just use the coupon code "springcog" at checkout and get 20% off your purchase! thanks so much and happy spring!

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Millennicon Convention Report

I don't think that my Accord has a particular problem. It has 205,000 miles on it, rust on the undercarriage means that it probably won't pass the inspection at the end of the year and the transmission has developed an unidentified and sporadic noise but it otherwise runs normally. It's been up on the rack and no issues have been identified with the transmission so there's no reason to think that it will spontaneously explode. Nonetheless,… Continue

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Steamed Blog Announces Steampunkapalooza 2001 Lineup


I'm part of a blog called Steamed ( which is by a bunch of Steampunk writers known as the "Steamed Lolitas. We do a lot of posts of writing Steampunk, invite Steampunk Authors and Artisans to guest blog, and talk about everything Steampunk from books to boots,



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Well, Miss Cherries has had an exciting weekend, dear readers for to tell you the truth; it was my birthday on Friday.  I know you will not believe it, but I am officially 124 years old.  Of course I am a time traveler, like many of you, and I have been told that I don’t look a single day over 100.  I was born in…


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The city guard thought it was smart. Not so. Getting rid of corpses from the city cemetery should have put an end ot the emergence of zombies, but they failed to consider that the most vile of necromantic magic did not require a human body.

Lately, in fact, a new type of undead began to terrorize the populace. They couldn’t be fought with weapons. Even regular zombies, which didn’t bleed, at least could be hacked apart until they were no longer a threat. But… Continue

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Scrapbook Clippings - Obituary




Due to the lack of bodies, a “ceremonial” wake will be held Friday afternoon at…


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Chapter Four of Railroad! has gone live. Come and take a ride on the Sleipnir. Uh-oh, it looks like there is trouble on the horizon. Can the Doc figure out what to do in time? Or is it up to Dodger to strut his stuff?

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Step 1 Completed:

I have finished Step 1 of my Coming Out ensemble.  To explain the name, The Steampunk World's Fair in May will be my first steampunk voyage.  And so, I have named my first ensemble the Coming Out.  It consists of a champagne colored slip I bought from Ross:  Dress for Less for $9.99.  At my height of five feet it is full length dress on me.

Step 1:  I made five layers of lace that I will place in tiered levels starting at the bodice.  The lace is crocheted with bedspread weight cotton…


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Apr 9~ Abney Park~ Spokane WA

Apr 9~ Abney Park~ Spokane WA!/event.php?eid=114075821992187

Saturday, April 9

Knitting Factory, Spokane WA.
At 8PM, Doors open at 7PM.
$15 a ticket.

Special guests: Koreshakti Tribal Fusion during set break and D.J. Panix.

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Beyond Victoriana #68 Carla Speed McNeil’s Aboriginal Sci-Fi Graphic Series FINDER: A Review–Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum

Outlined routes towards discovering and conversantly addressing Carla Speed McNeil’s graphic series Finder.

Panel from Finder: Sin-Eater, Issue 9: Artist/writer: Carla Speed McNeil, Lightspeed Press, March 1998

One inspired comic maker, Carla Speed McNeil, who began self-publishing Finder through her own imprint of Lightspeed Press in 1996, has been ardently… Continue

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Interview with vintage fashionista Brigitte Daguerre!

I thought the fine citizens of the Empire would enjoy my recent blog interview since it involves vintage clothing, vintage clothing advice, and a very savvy place to find vintage peices of high quality!


What trendy  girl (or metro boy!) doesn’t love vintage clothing—it looks stylish, never goes out of fashion, and can be handed down without your little sister crying: “Aw, are you joking—wear this…


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Constance is “Drunk” mathematics:

Tired + Fish eyeballs = laughter

Laughter + rambling = everything is freaking funny

Everything is freaking funny + tiredness = Constace being “Drunk”

This is the closest thing of Constance…


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Rocket Ships & Cleavage update.

Rocket Ships & Cleavage update.

I've made it through Background, Character Creation and started to hammer away at the Real Rules Section.

So far I've finished Targeted Launches and Disputed Launches (including sidebars & examples).

Still up:

Consequences and Living With Them (including Dire Circumstances) and Gold Stars (How to Earn them & how to burn them).

Also i need to include a bit more to the Rocket Commander, provide two more Setting… Continue

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