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I have been out of my usual loops due to an epic cross country move back to Nashville, TN.  Currently living in a dinky apartment till our CA house sells & we can get another workshop set up, so don't expect new projects for a while.


I am working on getting a new jewelry ales site up, however. Will post about that when I have more information.

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Edwardian Ball, January 22, San Francisco...

This event was Crazy, Sexy, Curious and Fun! Here are some snaps taken by my buddy Paul:


Paul is on your left, and the wide, greasy fellow with the oilcan on your…


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Beyond Victoriana #59 Multipart Extensions II, ROBOTIKA: FOR A FEW RUBLES MORE-- by Noah Meernaum

Note: This week features Noah Meernaum, with a dual review of ROBOTIKA and its follow-up, ROBOTIKA: FOR A FEW RUBLES MORE.

Wherein the graphic series Robotika is seen to be mounting up and continuing into further outbound territory proclaimed to be steadily aided by an additional scribe (causing much trepidation upon the reviewer).

Robotika: For a Few Rubles More by Alex Sheikman… Continue

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Beyond Victoriana #58 Multipart Extentions Round the Collected Graphic Series ROBOTIKA--Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum

Note: This week, Noah Meernaum (who previously wrote for Beyond Victoriana about racial representations in Weird West comics) returns with a dual review of ROBOTIKA and its follow-up, ROBOTIKA: FOR A FEW RUBLES MORE.… Continue

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Caelum: Prologue



Changing Times


In an Alternate Reality, history is remade.

A reality, lost by time, is in turmoil by war.

Far away from Earth, in a…


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Festival news - author panel

The 2011 Rose City Steampunk Film Festival has scored a coup: a panel of five local steampunk authors! Devon Monk, Andrew Mayer, Jay Lake, M.K. Hobson, and Meljean Brook will discuss their work and take audience questions during our mid-afternoon programming block.

Also added this week: short films documenting steampunk art & culture, plus steam-powered music videos from Escape the Clouds, Professor Elemental, Moth, and The Raveonettes.

Please visit the festival site… Continue

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We are who and what we are

I very much love this idea that we have come to call Steampunk.

Because of it, I have taught myself a skill that normally I would have never acquired. I sew. By gadfrey, yes.. a MAN sews!

If fact, I love to sew so much that my time sewing rivals my time working on hotrods. Please see additional photos in my album.

I have sewn all of the clothes that you…


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Introducing Matty's Rocket

Bighead Scientists presents Matty's Rocket…


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Africans in Ancient China & Vice Versa, Part 3: Zheng He's Star Fleet--Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba

Note: This is the second in a four-part series by Eccentric Yoruba, cross-posted with her permission. Here are parts 1 and 2. Check out the rest of her… Continue

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Hi everyone! My name is Brigid Ashwood I'm an artist that is heavily influenced by the steampunk aesthetic.

You might have seen my art on t-shirts, as figurines or jewelry, in Weird Tales or Faerie Magazine, on the cover of Professor Elemental's album or seen me at Steampunk World's Fair or FaerieCon.


I'm delighted to make new friends, especially those into steampunk.

If you run a con or festival and would like to invite me as a guest or speaker, I'd be…


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Personal Journal Entry 20

Its all such a mess. I hardly know where to begin...


Tonight was a very distressing night in many ways. This morning Julien and Draven nearly came to blows because Julien destroyed one of the Armada's vessels. Julien left before anything too violent happened but it twisted my stomach in knots. I haven't been feeling well the last few days anyway and this did nothing to sooth me. Then this evening a dreadful fellow by the name of Sir. Jolly Joker showed up and began to…


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As the phoenix rises from the ashes so I am rising from the rusty shards of an ancient world.

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Pimping the Parasol - How I turned a blah old umbrella into a cool steampunk parasol

And here is my lastest entry in the Steam Wench's Salon - Pimping the Parasol:

This entry describes how I took an old umbrella from the first picture below, to the latter two pictures.…


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QUAINT #3 Hawkeye from The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

Hawkeye was created by James Fenimore Cooper and appeared in Cooper's five Leatherstocking novels, including The Last of the Mohicans (1826). Cooper (1789-1851) was one of the major early American writers, although he is known today primarily for Last of the Mohicans.

Set in 1757, The Last of the Mohicans is about Natty Bumppo, a.k.a. “Hawkeye,” and his adventures alongside his friends Chingachgook, a Delaware Mohican, and Uncas,… Continue

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The Steampunk Exhibition Ball

I have heard a rumor that our Exhibition Ball is the only one that is currently offering formal dancing.  Can this be true? In this last week before the ball I am teaching three classes so anyone who wants to dance can do so.  There are last minute costuming things to do as well.  I Bilboe Baggins once said, like butter spread over too much bread.


Do ya'll think I should start a new group for the quadrille here in the Empire?  We have developed two new dances and we…


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steampunk linkblog, January 18 2010

Hello! We're having some technical difficulties today, so hopefully this transmission will go through in one piece.


Did you know that MAKE Magazine has a channel on YouTube? And that Jake von Slatt has an episode?


I am always behind on Second Life happenings, but they're having…


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The bad boy of Baroque is back in style with scholars, museumgoers, filmmakers, and even video artists

It has been a very big year for the Baroque genius Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571–1610). An exhibition of some two dozen of his paintings, commemorating the 400th anniversary of his death, packed in the crowds at Rome's Quirinale last spring. News of the discovery of his bones in the Tuscan town of Porto Ercole, verified by DNA analysis, made headlines around the world. And at the annual convention of the College Art Association, University of Toronto art historian Philip Sohm, a…


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Wonderful place this.. .indeed.

I can honestly say that my experience here has been most magnificent. The people that I have met on the forums are rather well spoken, intelligent, friendly and polite. I am sure that some would take issue with that but all in all...


For me it is a case of what do get involved with, of what to dive into without looking or wonderfully overloading my plate and enjoying every second of it... call me eccentric but by Jove I love it!



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Steamed Decor - Coffee Table Display

My latest Blog Post - efforts at Steampunk Decorating


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"Captain's" Log

January 17, 18XX

First Log of the HMS Stormdrifter


A curious thing to mention is the fact that, while a small and formidable crew, none of us feel the inclination of designating a Captain. Surely, as owner and proprietor of the vessel in question, one may assume such a title bestowed upon me. Such is not the case. Mr. Scott, a Yankee of noteworthy engineering skills serves well as pilot but seems to promote his American ideals of equality. Such ‘round-table’ politics…


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