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What are we becoming?

Greetings to all of my dear friends and soon friends to be!

Something has come to my notice and I find it worth mentioning.

Steampunk is not what it used to be. Now I know this statement may land in some of your laps as being as obvious as a warthog.

And, true, it is quite obvious. However, it seems that there…

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QUAINT #15 Salammbô by Gustave Flaubert

Alfons Mucha's Salammbo (1896). Click for source.

Salammbô was created by Gustave Flaubert and appeared in Salammbô (1862). Flaubert (1821-1880) is one of the major writers of the 19th century. Although he is best known for Madame Bovary he has a respectable body of work, from short stories to dramas. His work is generally placed in the realist genre, but his skill as a stylist and technician is far above most of the other realists.… Continue

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Fundraising & Convention Update: AnimeBoston, Aetherfest & AnimeNext

At Nova Albion. Attendee Astra Kim, artist James Ng, and my intellectual partner-in-crime Jaymee Goh (with Viceroy Chang on her shoulder) all showing off their buttons with pride.

The musician Voltaire points to his Helping Hands button at The Anachronism II in NYC. We raised $220 in button… Continue

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More Information on "Engines of Destiny":

You may go here to learn more about our Steampunk short film "Engines of Destiny", soon to begin filming...hopefully!

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Years ago... As an inventor and archeologist, The Scientist owned his very own library - minimal 500 books. On that day I was to sort out his possesions, I remembered thinking…


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steampunk linkblog, April 12 2011

The Civil War began 150 years ago today. Librarian Bill Lucey has a great list of sites and occasions marking the event.


Many thanks to Julie for sending in this story about Enrique Gaspar, whose time traveling story was published seven years before the one by H.G.…


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Down the Smokestack...

Recent Immigrant to Valrico, Florida from the North.

Always looking to make the acquaintance of other Victorian expatriates to this Time and Place.


Projects Include:

-Outfit(s):  I currently have:

Black Wool "John Bull" style Top Hat

Black Cotton Brigade style Waist Coat

White Linen Shirt or White/Black/Grey Band Collar Shirt

Black, Tartan-weave Canvas Waist Kilt

Black wool Kilt Hose w/ flashes…


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"Sammy Davis Jr." by Movits! is the Sepiachord Video of the Day.

"Sammy Davis Jr." by Movits! is the Sepiachord Video of the Day.

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Our good friends The Gloria Darlings are trying to Kickstart their first studio album:

Our good friends The Gloria Darlings are trying to Kickstart their first studio album:

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Hi all...I am in my very first book cover contest!

I need your help! I'm not going for first place, I just want to get close. I know with this being my first cover contest that I could come in dead last..LOL. But it would reall rock my world if I could get just a few votes.  It is super just scroll down the page and type in the name of my book and your emil…


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The Journal of Phillip Lynar: Part 2

Twelfth entry:


          A year has passed, and these monthly writings seem to be the only time I have to reflect on what has been happening in my life. The amount of information they force feed us every day is unbearable. My memorization skills have never been put to such a dramatic test. The first three months here in Oxford had been disappointing. Where I thought I would be able to explore more of the environment, I was secluded to my room, studying for a myriad of tests.…


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Start your day the weird West way. "Chapter Six-Talk it Out" is locked and loaded and ready for human consumption. This week: Dodger tries his hand at diplomacy, but will the bandits sit still long enough for him to explain the way things are going to be? Nah, I didn't think so either. Dodger best get ready to prove his worth!

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A Real Empire?

I have, like many of you great members of the Empire, wanted a land to call our own; a land where science fiction and fantasy unite with reality.  A land where man can be transported back to the granduer days of the late 17th to early 19th centuries, where England was Victorian and Technology was on the rise.  An era of Empires and Revolutions, of Industry and Reform.

What would you say if I had bought up enough plot of used lands and supplies to build a city of stone, steel and glass…


Added by Doctor R.D.P. von Nitto on April 10, 2011 at 3:09pm — 1 Comment

Fearful Symmetry Prologue (Complete)


At the moment of impact, I wasn’t surprised when a life flashed before my eyes.  I just expected the life to be my own.

The silver Porsche must have been doing eighty when it hit black ice.  I couldn’t swerve, couldn’t get out of the way.  There was nowhere to go as the Porsche whipped around, skidding toward my little car.  Headlights rushed toward my windshield, flooding everything with brightness, obliterating the night.  And then I was – someplace else.  A…


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“African Fabrics”: The History of Dutch Wax Prints–Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba


Vlisco model. Click for source.

“A picture of a pipe isn't necessarily a pipe, an image of “African fabric” isn't necessarily authentically [and wholly] African”.

These above words are quoted by… Continue

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June 6, 1893

I have decided to start a new diary, as I feel that I am entering a new stage in life.  I have even adopted a new name.  It has been nearly a year since I returned to America, and I have met many interesting individuals.  However, only now do I truly get the sense that I am back in mind and spirit.  It is as though everything I have done has led to this moment, to the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.


I am fortunate enough to experience many parts of the Columbian…


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16th entry: Podcast: Cabaret de Medianoche.

Since yesterday at night I have a cabaretish/steamy podcast in spanish language named "Cabaret de Medianoche". My intention it's show different musicians and step by step add sections and add collaborators to my midnight cabaret. You can visit it here.

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Safari Chapter 19 - Unlocking the Past

The custodian methodically tried another key in the lock. He gave a resigned sigh and selected the next key. This was only the first room in a series of five likely candidates for the home of the Seshat.core computer. After the custodian's "ring of office" keys had proved unsuccessful, he had moved on to a collection of keys that he had unearthed in his room. There had been an earthen jar full of keys, keys pushed to…


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At some point every Steampunk must ask what does Steampunk mean to me. Here are my thoughts.

In modern life we  embrace function not form. It makes us more productive and its cheaper. Why buy something hand made when you can get the same thing for at least less then half the price. Hand made objects do the same things that factory made things do, or do they? Hand made clothing may be slightly uneven or miss a uniform stitch or two but they tend to last longer and have a special uniqueness.  Whether we like it or not, as humans we  are each special and unique. This can be seen as a…


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