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Tyrant Rant

Tyrants....Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Ivan the Terrible, Sadaam Hussein, Castro, Musselini, and on and on.  What makes a person derive pleasure out of oppressing others?  Power.  The root of power is control.  They have a desire to control others for their own designs.  Megalomaniacs, one and all.

But this isn't yet another historical study of high profile tyrants. This is really just a venting session about the mundane tyrant in the corner office.  The boss from hell.  Yes, we've all…


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Personal Journal Entry 2

It is with some saddness that I left my employment with the Armada. There simply wasn't enough for me to do. The other ships in the Armada drifted away to their own pursuits when the Commador dissapeared. He's not been seen or heard from in ages and though I know enough to know he isn't dead I also know that there is little point in having a Cook and Supply officer when there is no one to cook for. I shall henseforth be devoting my time to the bar since my Silver Mine runs itself with the…


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Asylum Epilogue

When Jack, Draven, Johan and Jessica rescued me from that terrible prison I wasn't quite sure to expect upon my return to Worlds End. Time moves differently for those who can travel it's pathways. I was in that terrible place for a week. Upon returning to Worlds End I was greeted by none other than my husband! I can't express how relieved and overwhelmed I was to see him. After all these months of searching and all the riddles and puzzles there he was. We retired quickly to Jacks home as our… Continue

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Asylum Credits

Hello my dear readers,

Thank you all for following this story to the end and for your feedback, comments and reviews. I do hope I was able to make it as wonderful for you to read as it was for me to write. I did not write this entirely on my own however. I was aided in my efforts and it is here that I thank them for their help.

Thank You Jack Hammerquist for your help and all the time you spent rereading and critiquing my work. Your help was very much… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 5

Johan helped Jessica walk into the room, her wounds already healed but her body was sore. They looked around the room for a moment taking in the carnage. Johan was able to detect a kind of magical dampening field and tried to pinpoint the source but could not get a lock on it. Apparently the same thing keeping Draven from sensing Rachel kept him from him from sensing the source. A door at the far end of the room hung open and Jack moved towards it the group following closely behind him. As they… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 4 Part 4

“What’s happening Jack?” Draven asked.

“I don’t know, something bad, She wasn’t making much sense but she did say ‘The lightening hurts.’ Brack, go after her.”

Jacks dragon Brack followed after his mate and the group picked up the pace even further, they were almost running down the stairs and almost missed the sound of running footsteps coming up towards them. Draven was the first to hear it. At the same time Johan felt a necromantic force all but slam into his awareness.… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 4 Part 3

Everyone stopped. “Great. Hopefully they haven’t moved her. Do you guys know why she was taken? Is she worth more alive or dead?” Johan hadn’t known Rachel well before she’d been captured and he was curious as to why such a sweet woman would have incurred the wrath of the York’s.

“I think they want info about her friends and the watches.” Jessica said carefully, she hadn’t know Rachel well either but she was part of the Armada and that was reason enough to go after her. Being… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 4 Part 2

As they went further down Draven and Jack noticed something distinctly odd about the catacomb, for all the aged bones in niches in the walls and for all the age of the place and the dampness in the air there was no smell of decay. No cloying mustiness in the air to choke them. Not only that, but the ground displayed recent traces of foot traffic. “This isn’t normal.” Jack remarked.…


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Asylum: Chapter 4 Part 1

The explanation that Rachel was now in Rome 1849 caused quite a stir amongst the group especially when Draven was able to make a more accurate pinpoint of her location. It seemed she was being held in the catacombs under Vatican City . After a rest aboard Jack’s ship Draven called them together in the map room. He was pouring over a map, an unlit cigar clenched between his teeth. Burnice sat on the table beside him, a bowl of Rachel’s cookie batter in front of her. The little… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 3 Part 3

The group burst into the massive space hewn from the very mountain and stopped dead staring at the machine and the thousands of zombies working on the machine held with in it. As one the zombies turned to regard the group of heroes. “LEAVE” The word was spoken by thousands of voices but with a single resonance.

“Really? I don’t think so.” Draven remarked… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 3 Part 2

Jack and Draven returned to the pub in poor spirits. It was bad enough that Rachel had been kidnapped by the House of York but now they had to mount a rescue and they couldn’t do it by themselves. They needed help andthat meant telling everyone else what had happened. Even if they had wanted to keep it to themselves they couldn’t have. Rachel was well liked and an extended absence would be noticed and worried about. Jack stomped to the bar and pulled a bottle of scotch from the… Continue

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Asylum: Chapter 3 Part 1

The Portal opened out onto a expanse of picturesque country side, Italy in all her beautiful splendor. Rachel smiled at the sight of the vineyard to her right. Her bag weighed a little more heavily than usual on her shoulder and she sifted it slightly trying to readjust the weight. 'I probably shouldn't have bought that bottle of Absinthe for Edward. He usually doesn't care a bit about how old it is so long as it tastes right.' She thought to herself.

She saw a shadow to her left and… Continue

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Asylum: Entry 26

I am now the owner of some 5000 acres of land near Tahoe. I've never owned anything quite so large before. It makes me feel a tad giddy. Or that may be the coffee I had this morning.

When Jack and I traveled through the portal we found ourselves on top of a moving train. Quite unnerving not to mention smokey and hard to breath. Jack started down the ladder ahead of me and as I was climbing down I hear him cry out. For a moment I was afraid he'd been attacked. It's been happening so… Continue

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Journal Entry- September 10th, 1891

Sgt. Foust


I took my squad up to the hills today for rifle practice. We received some new arms from stateside that we wanted to try out. These are some new…


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Asylum: Entry 25

Edward came back! And he's his usual self. I can't even begin to express how relieved I was. I understand that Atlantis is always going to be a touchy subject for him and I'll do my best to never bring it up around him. He was drinking his absinthe and I my tea while we shared a plate of jammy dodgers when I told him about my latest adventure. Of late I've been wearing small darkened spectacles because bright light hurts my eyes. When I took them off I though he was going to have an apoplexy.… Continue

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Asylum: Entry 24

So after a week long absence Draven staggered into the bar looking as though he'd been mauled by a wolf. His arm was practically in shreds. He tossed two watches upon the bar and brushed off my concerns over his well being saying he'd explain later and asked for a Merlot. I gave it to him of course. Jack examined the watches and was astounded to discover that one was a failed copy and the other genuine. Number 14 to be exact. I was a little afraid to ask how he got them. I got my chance to… Continue

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Asylum: Entry 23

I've decided to stop dating these entries. It's become entirely too difficult to remember what date I'm supposed to be in or on. I live with Jack in 1927 but Worlds End is any when in time anyone wants it to be and on the Ship where I serve as the cook I'm never entirely sure what the date is. Not to mention the many trips back in time and forward in time I take.

Our latest adventure was something of a catastrophe. Neither myself or Jack has quite recovered yet and I haven't seen… Continue

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Asylum: Entry 22

June 21st 2014

I'm more than a little worried about Edward. He was in a rather introspective mood last night and the way he was speaking... It frightened me a little. I can't say I understand the whole of what he told me but it concerned his upcoming adventure to the sunken city of Atlantis. Apparently he'd a hand in sinking it and still feels terribly guilty about the whole ordeal. I tried my best to cheer him up but all my efforts were in vain. He even turned down Jammy… Continue

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Asylum: Entry 21

June 20th 2014

I am glad we took Commodore Kane with us for although Jack and I might have managed our latest adventure well enough on our own having him along helped enormously. He arrived at Worlds End while Jack and I were going through our bags making sure we had everything we might need. According to the watch we were going to the Mesa Verta. I wasn't very familiar with the name but Jack explained that it was a cliff city in New Mexico that had been discovered completely abandoned… Continue

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Asylum: Entry 20

June 17th 2014

Worlds End was lively last night. A relative newcomer, Commodore Draven Kane, was in last night. He's been in a few other times but he's usually a quiet fellow drinking Merlot and keeping to himself. During one of his early visits Jack paired him with his own Dragon Companion named Burnice. A temperamental little female. They get along well though. He showed up last night limping and singed. Apparently a mission gone awry. He sat down at the bar, drank half a glass of… Continue

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