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Pirate attack! The 14th of October 18_ _

I awoke from a restless sleep in the early morning (around 12:00 AM) to raports of thunder. We had been heading south to Algiers which was to be our first of two stops, and storms over the east coast of Spain were expected at this time of year. In my half woken state, my apprehensions regarding air travel (which I have left to this point undocumented) began to enter my thoughts. Air pirates had become increasingly brazen in recent years, and my dearest friend and companion Algernon P. had been… Continue

Added by Johannes Leopold M.O.S & F.G. on October 14, 2010 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

The good airship H.S.A.S Marmeluke...The 13th of October 18_ _, continued...

I lie in bed with my favorite pipe as I write this entry. The events of the day went as follows...

Midday: After returning to the townhouse with the airship tickets, Abernathy loaded my trunks onto the waiting carriage and we were off to the Air Dock. The Dock is a bustling place full of travelers of many nations and today's crowd was no exception. The airship Abernathy had procured tickets for was the H.S.A.S. Mameluke, out of Istanbul, a large Turkish machine of peculiar design. It… Continue

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Packing to leave...The 13th of October 1800

Having decided last evening to take up the engagement with the Museum of Antiquities, I sent Abernathy to the Air Dock to procure tickets. This task proved almost too much for the dundering old fellow and required no less the two return trips to the ticket counter to make things right. Honestly, if I wasn't so fond of the decrepit imbecile, I would have discharged him years ago.

While Abernathy was over taxing his intellectual capacities in his quest for the tickets, I set about the… Continue

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A new Journal...The 12th of October 18_ _

This day begins with the start of a new journal, as my last journal was lost to me recently. It's was a loss not small in nature, as it contained many sentiments and memories that were to me precious. Of greatest importance being my recollections of an adventure filled summer spent with my dearest friend and companion, Algernon P. One could almost weep!

But the journals loss also leaves me lacking the many ancient spells and incantations I had eagerly, and with no little danger to… Continue

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Journal Entry- September 5th (Evening), 1891

Cpl. Foust


A new tragedy! Those Spanish devils who labored so hard last night were not simply chasing their cows or running for cover. When the anemic dawn broke, we…


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Journal Entry- September 4th, 1891 (PM)

Cpl. Foust


Sgt. Meade is dead. This evening, just before final fall of darkness, the naval ships had a changing of the guard. New, fresh ironboats came up from Dominica with their bellies full of shot, ready to reduce the target once more, but apparently no one told them about the marines on top. Sitting out here like some blasted decoration on a great smoldering cake we squatted in the rain and waited for our deaths.


The first volley hit the level below us…

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Marine's Journal- 1891

Journal Entry- September 1st 1891

Cpl. J. Foust, 1st US Airship Marines, Tarheel Squadron

We saw the airships for the first time today. They are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve seen the big commuter jobs in Cincinnati, the ones that all the rich folks take back and forth to the casinos in Louisville, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. As we stepped out of the barracks into the airship lot, we saw them tethered there like a flock of sleeping…

Added by Sgt. Foust, US Airship Marines on September 3, 2010 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

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