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Where do I find inspiration?

This is a question I was asked in an interview recently and, I must admit, my answer is quite boring.

Inspiration tends to come from where I live. That's it. Yes, I look outside, and then the little gears in my mind start turning, and I get busy.

The Aetheric Artifacts series came from my two years living in England. The books I am working on now are much, much more American in…


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Airship Laboratory Of Death

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Steampunk for Simpletons is here!

This post will be short and sweet, because I'm entertaining a spring cold that has decided to take up residence in my body. (Unwelcome guests are the worst, aren't they?)

So, without further ado, may I present to you Steampunk for Simpletons:…


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Steampunk Music - Victor Sierra

Do you like rich, dark, industrial steampunk melodies? If you aren't sure about your answer, listen to Steampunk Symphony - my personal favorite - and have a think about it.

Victor Sierra's music is something to dance to, to dream to. The songs range from exotic and mysterious to hard-driving and adventurous. You can check out their albums,…


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Cover Reveal - The Enigma Engine: Aetheric Artifacts, Book 3

Today's Steampunk Snark (below) is well-timed, because I present to you the cover art for The Enigma Engine, the final book in the Aetheric Artifacts series!

Aetherals are disappearing, and Demetra's half-sister is among the missing. It's up to her and…


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On Etiquette (or "Please Don't Say That")

I decided to time this post with tonight's episode of Sounds of Steam, because it is relevant.

Next month, I am attending my first convention. I'm excited - I've been wanting to attend anime, manga, and/or comic conventions since 2000, and steampunk conventions since 2010. Now, I have been to many various, large public events, and I am a very extroverted person. Socializing is fun for me.

Alas, it is not so fun for us when we…


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Templecon 2014 - Afterthoughts

It has now been almost a month since I returned from Templecon.  One month of scouring the interwebs searching for pics of myself.  You see, Ms. Smart Person brought her uber nice camera along, then failed to remove it from her hotel room the entire weekend.  It's also been a month of scouring the interwebs for another reason - MUST FIND MORE LOCAL STEAMPUNK EVENTS!

A fact about me - I'm a Victorian Era obsessed nut.  I have been since, well at least age 16, possibly earlier. …


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Steampunk Radio Show: Sounds of Steam

There are many wonderful podcasts out there in the aether, but there is only one live weekly steampunk radio show, and that is Sounds of Steam

A mix of radio morning show and late night talk show, Sounds of Steam is like having a steampunk convention brought to your computer live every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST. Though if Monday nights are not convenient for you, the broadcast is also uploaded in recorded/podcast form for your…


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Valentine's Day Wishes

In The Chronos Clock (Book 1 of the Aetheric Artifacts), we find out love is not exactly something Demetra is... good at. Why? Because Francis broke her heart three years prior, an incident elaborated upon in the short story,…


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Are You Celestial or Infernal?

In The Daemon Device, Demetra and Francis finally learn the truth about Aetherals and, very specifically, what it means to be celestial or infernal.

The difference, as Drake explains it, is this:

1. All Aetherals are daemons, which is not at all a…


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The Daemon Device

What's blue and black and dangerous all over?

Saving the world from power-obsessed madmen is all in a day’s work for…

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Steampunk Bands I Enjoy

Vernian Process*

The Clockwork Quartet*

Abney Park*

Aeon Now

The Cog is Dead*

Professor Elemental*


Steam Powered Giraffe




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Moustache & Blade Podcast Episode 8: Interview with Michael Atters Attree

Huzzah and welcome to Episode 8 of Moustache & Blade! We welcome a very special guest, a very near and dear friend of the HTGAM family…Atters Attree, handlebar moustache superstar, grand wizard of the graspable appendage, editor-at Large (and resident bounder) of The Chap Magazine, actor, satirist and champion chap himself! Listen as Atters melts both…


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Where To Buy Steampunk Clothing

When you live and breathe steampunk culture it’s not uncommon to get funny looks every now and then. Obviously walking through town centre wearing a top hat, waistcoat and monocle will certainly turn heads, which is part of the fun. Engaging with people in everyday life and watching shopkeepers as they try to serve you with…


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Steampunk Goggles Interview

Hey Guy!!! :happybounce:

Long time no Chat!!. I have been a busy girl this pass week and have been working on a little bit of everything. My devinatart page has been blowing with people responding to my bollywood setampunk cosplay, which resulted in an intenet interview. …

Greizar - Jump for Joy


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Stella Drexler's Halloween Spooktacular Steampunk Special: LITTLE AGNES AND THE GHOSTS OF KELPIE WHARF Part Three


The ebony stone skinned creature spun towards them, widening his grinding mouth in a ghastly grin. He lifted hands as long and sharp as needles and raced towards them. Agnes did not fire her pistol. Instead, she seized Vic's arm and stepped to the side, for the creature, while swift and deadly, was quite stupid. He did not anticipate their change in direction and continued on his path,…


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Stella Drexler's Halloween Spooktacular Steampunk Special: LITTLE AGNES AND THE GHOSTS OF KELPIE WHARF Part Two


Kelpie Wharf was dismal and grey. The fog, so dense and moist with the salty sea air, was oppressive and choking. A spooky stillness hung over the silent ships bobbing in their slips. Agnes listened in the thick, eerie silence, but there was no snarling, splashing or singing from the legendary ghost.

She crept stealthily along the creepy,…


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Stella Drexler's Halloween Spooktacular Steampunk Special: LITTLE AGNES AND THE GHOSTS OF KELPIE WHARF


Welcome, Honoured Seamen and Esteemed Guests!

To the Port Enshus 305th Annual Aquatic…


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From Wales to Jakarta, a Globe Trotting Adventure to Halt an Invasion

in 1883, an unscrupulous duo, the Dummond brothers, steal secrets from the first expedition to fuel their bold ambitions; to lead humanity into space and immortalize themselves in chronicles of history.

Cameron Dummond dreams to eclipse his father’s Earthly industrial…


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Working out persona and costume

Ok, so I took an almost moth hiatus whilst I attempted to "find myself", or my other" self" anyway. I found I had a hard time getting into the nurse persona I originally had attempted. I love music and I love dance, even though I can't do either very well i n real life. But this is a fantasy setting, so why fight what I love? 

Belly dance is, in my opinion, one of the better dance forms I've seen recently. I love the dance and I love the costumes. I have therefore decided to go with a…


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