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Ay-leen the Peacemaker's Blog – April 2010 Archive (5)

Beyond Victoriana Special Edition Odds & Ends #4

I'm preparing for some big events in May (like co-hosting two panels at the Steampunk World's Fair. Will you be coming? It's bound to be INTELLECTUALLY STIMULATING and IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING.) Thus, the next post will be delayed. But never fear, I have some nifty reads that have been building up in my inbox for you to… Continue

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Beyond Victoriana #24 African Junk Artist Willie Bester's Apartheid Laboratory

Soldier II

"What I try to get behind is why it is so difficult for people to change from their old ways. It hasn't worked out the way I imagined. People who thought they were superior before haven't really changed. I try to find out through studying history what gives people the right to think that way. I try to find a solution, not to be disappointed, to reach an understanding." - Willie Bester (… Continue

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Beyond Victoriana #23 Interview with Karin Lowachee, Author of THE GASLIGHT DOGS

I admit, I kick the old adage in the face when it comes to book covers: I don’t hesitate to judge and judge fiercely. That’s being said, if a book cover intrigues me, I will pounce on it like a kitten goes to capnip. When the book-world blogosphere was reeling over the whitewashing Liar controversy, which was then followed by the… Continue

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Beyond Victoriana #22 Native Steampunk with Michael RedTurtle: A Personal Essay

Note from Ay-leen: I got in touch with Michael Redturtle—a steampunk enthusiast from the Southern US—a few months back and we've chatted about how steampunk can become integrated with someone's personal and cultural identity. He offered to pen a few thoughts about his Native ancestry, the journey he took to discover it, and what that has to do with how he steampunks.


Michael RedTurtle

Michael RedTurtle dancing at a Pow Wow

Since you’re reading this, you’re… Continue

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Beyond Victoriana #21 Shimmies and Sprockets: Analyzing the Use of Belly Dance in Steampunk

Image Courtesy of Read My Hips. Click for Source.

This week is a preview of my article written for the upcoming Steampunk Magazine Issue #7: New and Future Worlds.

Read on at… Continue

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