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The Infernal Device

The new site for the Infernal Machine is up.


For those who do not know, The Infernal Machine is the collaborative project by myself, Steve Brook, and Todd Cahill.


It will be a huge automated mechanical steam and wind powered sculpture mixed with 2-d painting, and will be unveiled at this year's Artprize competition in Grand Rapids, MI.


And like last year's artPrize, I will be trying to organize more steampunk happenings during this three week…


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Happy... WHATEVER!!

Is it Christmas? Nope.. not yet.


There are a lot of holidays coming up though... for those unaware, even those who choose to be.


For instance, we are part way through Saturnalia, and the Winter Solstice is upon us... an extra-special one with a palindromic date (12-21) *and* a lunar eclipse (at least for those of us around here)... and a happy Yule to all who celebrate it and live on this side of the…


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Curry and Tea and Art this weekend, Grand Rapids MI

Our last gathering was a great time for all, and we are doing it again. Come out and meet the crew, have some amazing curry and a spot of tea (vegetarian options available), and meet and mix with many other artists and arts supporters. Details below:

1537 Fulton St. E. Grand Rapids - Saturday, September 11th, 2010 - 7PM to 11PM

*Indonesian RijsTaffel (Rice Table)

*Meet the Crewe (Strong & Able)

*Post Fashion Night Out! (Stytche And… Continue

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Where I've Been, Where I'm Going

Over a year ago, Bethalynne and I came to this state with an emergency to take care of: The "curator" or acting denizen of Bethalynne's former apartment had moved back in with his mother, several states away, leaving an "unoccupied" place filled knee-high with cat feces and urine, mixed with pizza boxes, pop bottles, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, old clothes... and over 20-some cats... some living, some not.

Underneath were things like old furniture, now hundreds of pounds heavier… Continue

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Holiday Recap

Bethalynne and I spent the holidays in Cincinnati Ohio, where my brothers live.

There, we met up with my parents (in from Missouri), and between family visits tried to get in some time with friends from the area.

Thursday night, we rested. It was a long drive, and a long two weeks of preparation went into it.

Friday night was spent with my younger brother Jeremy, his incredibly talented wife, Liz Amend, their two wonderful children, and my parents. The night was… Continue

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NCIS Steampunkd

Abby Sciuto is on the not-as-great NCIS (the one without Ziva David), pushing Steampunk...

I don't know how I feel about that (Aside from "OMG.Abby.Watch"). This, mainly because I remember what mainstream exposure did for the punk subculture and then the gothic subculture.

"Conflicted, yet entertained", I suppose would sum it up.

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New stuffs, book covers, etc...

I'm getting closer to being done with this series, and finished with the book... well, the art book anyway.

The shirts and bandanas will likely be available months before the book - They will be decorated by the cover image, but not the cover text, and are pretty amazing. I'll be screen printing all of these on my own this time around - hopefully that will make them extra special, at least to to some people.…


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Custom Framing on an Artist's Budget

I am up all night custom framing pieces for Steamcon - and decided to photograph and note my work as I go.

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Special Ebay Offerings

I've been building on my ebay listings, please take a look, and if you would, please bookmark my shop. I'll be adding more through the week.

Currently available are originals and special hand-embellished giclees. I am going to try to add some of the metallic prints and other smaller prints through the week... Also, if you;d be more interested in the not-as-fancy hand-signed but not hand-embellished prints... those are always available at (until sold out… Continue

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Building, making on a large scale

I've been gutting and rebuilding our apartment space to be, and have pretty much been waking up to work on that until about bed time. Hence, I have been neglecting the internet on a grand scale.

2 tons of plaster and sheet rock have fallen, and several dumpsters have been filled with junk and debris. The space is almost finally a blank canvas, which hopefully will be filled with moving walls, spinning panels, and secret compartments - finished off in very nice neoVictorian… Continue

Added by Myke Amend on September 21, 2009 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

Today, Tomorrow, and Steamcon stuff

I painted some more tonight.

Prints for Steamcon are now ordered. Need to get a lot of stretcher bars for giclees, acid-free board and sleeves, tubes, boxes related to that shipping - frames too I suppose. There is a week of boarding, tagging, signing, and bagging for us on the horizon... maybe designing/building displays as well

Also there is a new gallery up on the main page of my site ( which just outlines the works and prints that will be available at… Continue

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Gatehouse Gazette #8 now available for free download

Just to quick note to let you know Gatehouse Gazette 8 is out now. Please spread the word.

Added by Myke Amend on August 30, 2009 at 4:59pm — 1 Comment

Where has the time gone?

I just finished an interview with Innsmouth Free Press today, set for release on October 6th, and I have a cover feature in Beneath Ceaseless Skies set for November. I also became a bit carried away with engraving, my relapse triggered by using this media for the upcoming Gatehouse Gazette cover. Two other engravings were made, I uploaded them to my pics here, but if you are interested you can larger and better graphics of them at

Otherwise, I have been painting away -… Continue

Added by Myke Amend on August 27, 2009 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

O_o - This is new to me.

I only just found this feature today - it seems I did not give the top tabs a good look all those times I've been through here.

Well, a few new things are going on with me: I was featured on Dark Roasted Blend, and on IO9 this past week. My "Sabicu" painting was licensed for a fantasy mag cover as well - and today I am working on completing a custom cover for a favorite diesel punk mag.

Outside of those things (which are all big deals to me), I have a sale going on the… Continue

Added by Myke Amend on August 18, 2009 at 3:17pm — 4 Comments

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