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The Cure Portland 2016

This last weekend attended The Cure concert in Portland. Check out my blog if you would like to see more photos I took, and feel free to share the photos as much as you want :)…


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Adam Ant


In this post I’m going to date myself. No, not take myself on a date and make sweet, delicious love, but by showing my appreciation (an fangirldom) of this particular artist: Adam Ant

                Yep, I bought my first AA album at thirteen, he was strutting his stuff on MTV (when MTV actually played real life rock star videos), and making girls swoon with his uber liberal sexuality. With…


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Autumn Having A Brew

Autumn Having A Brew

©2012 By Nishi Serrano


Autumn gazed past his transparent reflection in the window. The people beyond the glass walked briskly by as they gripped umbrellas and tightened scarves snug to the neck. Ah … another rainy November day in Portland, perfect weather for a finely crafted brew. In front of him the pint’s tiny bubbles surged upward and disappeared. It…


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Steampunk Under the Sea!

If there were ever a story I’ve had more fun writing, it’s ‘Mile Below Peep Show’. The above picture is a fun rendering of two characters in MBPS, the peacock twins. I really stretched my imagination on this one, as there are no underwater resorts of this scale anywhere in the world, unless you count The Poseidon Resort, which is still under construction (in the real world). Anyway, I had no idea it existed…


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The Most Important Object in the Universe

It’s no secret to my friends that I’m a sucker for all macabre things pertaining to the genres of horror and dark fantasy. So there’s no surprise one of my things is classic cars (and scary coaches, they make me drool). Stephen King had ‘Christine’, ‘Evil Dead’ had the 1973 Delta Olds 88, and television has the 1967 Chevy Impala on ‘Supernatural’.  What is it…

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Zoo Promenade 2

Well, hello there, fancy meeting you on this trail! Nature’s great chandelier in the sky is sparkling all around us, and the breeze is hinting for us to follow it. Would you care to join me on a magical walk? Look there … do you see that vine covered arch? Just beyond it awaits an adventure. Come on—don’t be…


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Horror Genre and Women Who sCare!

(Photo by April A. Taylor)

Who out there doesn’t think we ladies are capable of wandering the darkest back alleys and ghost infested sanitariums of the mind with our smiles sly and a-kilter, knowing we…


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What's Love Got to Do with It?

Ah, February how do I love thee ... let me count the ways: Flowers, restaurant reservations, waxing poetry, hand-cuffs, and... CHOCOLATE!

These are all things we associate with the American version of Valentine’s Day. But just where did this holiday of love spring from? Well, the answer is naturally exactly from Spring, the coming of that is. What better way to ensure the fertility of Spring than by bagging a man in an act of love well before the ripeness of Eostre…


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It Was A Wonderfilled Year!

Thank you everyone for all the well-wishes and the amazing new friendships during the last year, and hope there are many new friends and adventures to share in this next year! Everyone on The Steampunk Empire has been very supportive creatively and I can't tell you how much it delights me that there are so many talented and beautiful people on this site! Sending you many years of endless wonders ...

Nishi ;)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hear the music and feel the wind, but don't look over your shoulder--because it's Halloween again!

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Have a Heart for Horror needs you (women in horror)!

‘Have a Heart for Horror Cookbook’ needs all you awesome gals in the horror biz—that means

writers, artists, poets, etc. Lisa is putting together a fun cookbook with

proceeds being donated to
Project Get Safe.

She still needs the following: Vegan food,…


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Whipped and Steamed and Ready for Release!

Are you ready to lose yourself in an erotic Steampunk adventure? Whip yourself into a frenzy of delight on August 19th when ‘Mile High Airship Club’ is released through Decadent Publishing. Tea, airships, and stockades—oh my!

Being a fan of Steampunk, and of Ann Rice (aka A.N Roquelaure), I felt the need to dabble a little into my own brand of erotica—classy, alternative, and atmospheric, the later…


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Myrtles Plantation Ghosts!

 Recently, I took a small excursion to the world famous Myrtles Plantation. Myrtles’ claim to fame is ‘One of The Most Haunted Homes’, and I was excited for the opportunity of perhaps being lucky enough to be honored with a glimpse of its ghostly denizens. 

                Myrtles Plantation is located on Hwy 61 just a little past St. Francisville, Louisiana. If you stop by the cute little town, be…


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Zoo Promenade

Ready for a break, well then, come with me on a relaxing stroll through the Zoo. Imagine yourself on a cool spring day, your parasol in one hand, and dapper gentleman in the other. Tea will be served in the conservatory of butterflies, and your companions…


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Interview with vintage fashionista Brigitte Daguerre!

I thought the fine citizens of the Empire would enjoy my recent blog interview since it involves vintage clothing, vintage clothing advice, and a very savvy place to find vintage peices of high quality!


What trendy  girl (or metro boy!) doesn’t love vintage clothing—it looks stylish, never goes out of fashion, and can be handed down without your little sister crying: “Aw, are you joking—wear this…


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Here There Be Dragons ... um, well, alligators actually!

One meets the most interesting of characters while travelling to the deeply hidden corners of the globe. The swamp is no exception, where indeed resides a curious peoples known as the ‘Cajun’. Excellent hunters, exceedingly fine fisher-folk, and tellers of choice fables, who will not allow a parched lip, nor empty belly to go un-tasted of their…


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