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Steampunk Playmobil Mod - Planning Stage 1

I have officially started the planning phase. I had a rare day to myself so no better time to get the ball moving. I thought to myself just pull out all the furniture and take inventory – that turned into deciding what furniture would go in what room and what each room would be in the house – which turned into realizing this steampunk family was going to have a bit of an open lifestyle. You see the playmobil Victorian house has 2 rooms per floor, other than the attic, and each room opens into the next. So I found myself getting all bothered by the fact that my little steampunk playmobil people would have to either walk through the library to get to the bathroom which would then open onto the veranda or vice versa. In the middle of trying to work out the dilemma my husband reminded me they are just toys and it doesn’t matter. Oh yeah! Anyway in the end I decided that the little chaps would have to walk through the library to get to the bathroom. The bathroom has the most steam-able gadgets of all, the shower is “powered” by a delightful little boiler. Some "before" photos of the bathroom.

So here’s the floor plan;
Attic: Bedroom
2nd floor room 1: Library/Den
2nd floor room 2: Bathroom
1st floor room 1: Parlor/Entrance
1st floor room 2: Kitchen
1st floor glass patio: Dinning Room

Ok it’s pretty standard really. The excitement comes with the modification not the floor plan...

And look, everything got a bath today – dirty plastic bits that they were!

Next time:
Colors, paints, maybe some lovely little fabric curtains and figuring out what I’m going to recover the walls in, cause wallpaper remnants would be too easy!

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Comment by Doc R.D. on September 23, 2011 at 7:44pm

Hello Angela, I will be attending the event tomorrow evening at the Southgate House. I will not be in garb/wardrobe due to the fact I dont have it yet. I am writing to say I have lots of Playmobil Victorian parts that I will be getting rid of. My wife, mom and I collected for years but thinning out. Please look me up tomorrow evening and if you don't mind, shoot me a message and let me know what you might be wearing there so I may introduce myself if that is ok.


Comment by Moira McGowan on April 18, 2011 at 4:05pm

I have to admit this is not an idea I would have come up woth myself but it does quite inspire me to try it myself. I believe that the environment/layout does help develop either a personal story or that of a character that you plan to embellish in writing. I am going to have to try this myself. How wonderful!

Comment by Lagniappe Delacroix on September 10, 2009 at 7:05am
This is a wonderful idea! I had completely forgotten that Playmobile had a Victorian house - those kind of things having been relegated to a long ago past when my children were much younger. Ideas like this make me want to go dig out my my miniature dollhouses and set to refurbishing them. Good thing I already have too many projects on my plate as it is, or I would be in serious trouble!
Comment by Angela Aliella on August 24, 2009 at 11:16am
It would be fantastic! You know I had thought of adding a lab as an out building, kind of a green house gone awry, filled with bottles and little framed collections of bugs and experiments. Maybe closure to a curiosity cabinet than a lab - or if I can find another level to add to the house this would make a wonderful attic.

Thanks for turning my mind back in that direction!
Comment by Claudius Van der Graffe on August 24, 2009 at 2:46am
i love miniatures. comes from all those years of building scale models.
strange, I don't see any mention of "mad lab". tell me a miniature jacob's ladder
and test tubes wouldn't be cool!
this is going to be a neat project.
I look forward to seeing your progress.

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