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Personal Information

Name: Gregory Alexander Hammerquist

Alias: Jack Hammer

Apparent Age: 29, True Age: Unknown- eternal as time

Birth Date: 23 of August, 1895

Place of Birth: London, England at 1000 ft.

Physical Attributes

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Light Brown

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195 lbs.

Build: Athletic

Physical Condition: Superior, (Fast recovery from wounds)

Stamina: Superior, (Equal to do the work of 3 men all day)

Notable Attributes: Right Forearm and hand have been replaced with prosthetic

(Changeable- has several replacements see personal equipment)

Eye Hand Coord’: Ambidextrous, Well above average (Weapons and tinkering)

Body Coordination: Slightly above normal (dodging and dance)

Mental Attributes

IQ: 185

Memory Photo Graphic, Eidetic Memory

Natural Skills: Sense Energy, Life, Aura,.

Spiritual Attributes

Religion: Christian

Faith: Very Strong

Talents: Tinkering, writing, poetry, problem solving,

Skill Sets

Special Skills: Time travel, stop time (personal only), slow time, and accelerate time,

Fight Skills

Unarmed: Karate, Judo, Ti Kwan Do, Fist-a-cuffs, and Boxing,

Armed: Sword(s) firearm(s) pistol, rifle, staff, bow and arrow

Piloting: Quadra-cycle, steam engines, sail boat, boat, plane, dirigible, air ship, horse, horse and buggy, and velocipedes

Languages: 11 English (f), Russian (f), Japanese (f), Latin (f),

Pueblo (f), Cherokee (f), Morris Code (f), Spanish,

(nf) Italian, Egyptian, Chinese,

Education Background

Completed primary school: age 14

Completed University : age 21

Education: Oxford (Bachelors Science Engineering)

Stanford (BA: Business Management)

Massachusetts Institute Science and Technology (or MIST) Masters Engineering of Applied Science

BS: Applied Chemistry

Atlantis Polytechnic University

Doctorate Engineering of Applied Science


Father: John Michael Hammerquist

Mother: Anne Marie (Smith) Hammerquist

Siblings: Anne Marie (f, 25) Tabitha Cheyenne (f, 19)

Grandfather (U/D): Zackary Douglass Hammerquist

Grandmother (D): Audrey Elaine German name Hammerquist

Grandfather (L): Robert Lonewolf

Grandmother (L): Misty Dawn Smith Lonewolf

Great Grand Parents: Rachel Harrison, Juline Harrison (godparents)

Aunts: 2 (plus husbands)

Uncles: 4 (plus wives)

Cousins: 19 (12 are married)


Jack Hammerquist is immortal in one sense of the word as he is connected/fused with the Spear of Eternity, the Spear of Destiny is a myth but that is another story. He can die but since the spear is eternal then so is he. He just never stays dead. And since the spear is quiet out side of time this put Jack in a constant tug of war he is always remembering things as they should be even when his fellow humans use their pesky free will to change the course of history. It can be rather disturbing for him. Also he never meets a stranger, he already knows them but it is like daja’vu all the time.

As for the question what would he give? He had no choice in the matter. He as a five year old unintentionally turned on his grandfathers pocket watch which happened to be a time/space/reality travel device, but since young Jack had no clue what he was doing he went back to the very beginning of time. There he found things that can not be spoken of but then began the very long trip to the time he left and we watched it all, his young mind was not able to comprehend what he was seeing but he followed the course of time which his family would take. He saw every thing that would ever happen to his entire family up to the point where his grandfather was able to turn off the watch. For you see Jack never moved it all happened in the blink of an eye for his grandfather, but with his return Jack was forever changed, He always had a knack for doing the right thing like he just knew what to do and he had a tattoo like mark on his right shoulder which is the Spear of Eternity.

Year: Age: Major Life Events

1895: August 23, Born above Loudon, England

1897: Age 2, could talk and understand conversations

1898: Age 3, War of the Worlds is fought

1900: Age 5, traveled in time for the first time.

1901: Age 6, began to read adult works.

1905: Age 10, traveled to America, meet Dr Nicola Tesla, went to Mt Wilson and spotted an asteroid

1906: Age 11 return home

1907: Age 12, leave for Russia, meet Tsar Nicolas and his family,

1908: Age 12 June 8, Tunguska Blast

1909: Age 13 given the title of Duke by Tsar Nicolas

1909: Age 14 completed primary education

1909: Age 14 Stolen Away (kidnapped) after the return from Russia

1919: Age 14 began studies at University of Oxford

1910: Age 15 began designs of the Freedom

1913: Age 18 fought in the Second War of the Worlds Air fleet

1914: Age 19 the war ends

1915: Age 20 inherited grand father Z.D. Hammerquist home, lab, fortune, and his watch,

1916: Age 21 graduated University with five degrees

1924: Age 29 found the Worlds End Pub and meet Rachel

1941: Age 46 Ends WW2 by dropping a guided bomb on Hitler while he is speaking to his officers during the war

Official Titles

Duke of Tunguska: Duke Gregory Alexander Hammerquist

This title was given to Gregory for his actions of spotting the asteroid which impacted the Region of Tunguska, Siberia, Russia and his involvement in the recovery of the 200 square kilometers of wood for a logging company and a rail line and also for saving of the life Nicolas the II from an assassin.

Knight of England: Sir Gregory Alexander Hammerquist

For actions during the Second War of the Worlds

Lord Admiral of the Air: Lord G.A. Hammerquist

This commission was given during the Second War of the Worlds. This title is reserved in the event of any war where England is under attack and war is declared.

Asset of H. Q. I. Corp

Hammer Quest International Corp.


Four Gold mines: 2 North and 2 South America

Silver Mines

Copper Mine:

4 Iron Strip mines

3 Aluminum mine: 2 Europe, 1 N. America

2 Titanium mines: 1 North America, 1 Russia

1 Helium gas field: N America, Texas

17 Oil fields world wide

Smelters, Refineries and Processing plants

7 smelters

2 Titanium processing plant: 1 Russia, 1 N. America

1 Helium Gas Refinery: N. America

4 Oil Refineries: 3 N. America, 1 Persian Gulf

2 Wood Mills: 1 N. America, 1 Europe,


5 Metal Works Foundries: world wide

Aero Ship Works: Ireland, England

Ship Yards: 1 N. America, 1 England, 3 Europe

Labs and Research Facilities

26 All phases of research: world wide

1 Private Security Force: ********Details Classified**********

1 Training Facility: ********Details Classified**********

Private Schools and Training Facilities

4 major schools: 1 University grade school, 2 Training Facilities for Air Ship operations

1 Campus: all grades below University level


5 AeroShips: Sovereign Ascendant, Freedom, Liberty, Independence, & Defender,

4 Defense AeroShips: Sentinel, Ranger, Nomad, & Wanderer II under construction,

12 Passenger/Cargo Airships

13 Cargo Airships

17 Cargo/Ore ships

5 Sub-surface Vessels: Wisp, Wasp, Sea Ray, Warlock, & Manta

200 Air Planes& Ornathopters,

1 Sub-Terraining Tunneling Machine (The Metal Mole)

Storage and Fuel Depots

30Warehouses Hubs: world wide

6 Cargo Docks Ship/Airship: world wide

4 Cargo Docks airship only

18 Fuel Depots: world wide

Total Land Holdings: World Wide exceeds 1.5 million Hectares

Personal holding of G.A. Hammerquist (shared with family)

14 Houses: 1 London, 1 New Zealand, 1 Australia, 4 North America, 2 Russia,

1 Ireland, 1 Scotland, 1 Germany,

Residence: 1 Swiss Alps 1 Nemo City, HQI Freedom

Private Labs: 2

This list does not list the mundane assets such as stables, carriages, employees, and personal belonging with in and around his homes.

Bank Assets ****** more money than he can count ********

Major Stock holder in HQIC 48%

3 Labs

Personal Aero Ship: HQI Freedom

12 MRAC (Multi Role Attack Craft Planes) (Bat Craft),

1 Air Chopper (Experimental fabric halo prop)

1 Sea Ray sub-surface vessel

Personal Weapons Routinely Carried

Sword: KanI Japanese Sword

Knifes: 6 Japanese throwing knifes, 1 Bowie Knife.

Custom Pistols: HQI 2 mm Dart Steam Reactor Drive Pistols,

6 Barrel Rotary Rocket Pistol

2 Colt Navy .45 Caliber Pistols

Custom Rifles: Winchester Trinity .30-30

.50 Caliber Break down Sniper Rifle

Custom Shotgun: 8 gauge Shotgun

12 gauge Shotguns

Special Rounds and Assorted Ammo for all fire arms

KanI’s Japanese Sword

The Kan sword is a one of a kind sword made for Jack by his former mentor. After breaking four swords in three years each time Jack would return and ask “Can I get you to make me another sword please Master.” His master and friend made him a sword that Jack could never break. It has twice width and one and a half times the thickness of a normal sword. His last words to Jack before he gave his greatest creation was “No more KanI’s”

HQI 2 mm Dart Steam Reactor Drive Pistols,

These weapons are unique in many ways, one they use no powder charge to fire the round. Instead they use a steam reactor to provide the propellant, A pressurized water cell in the grip injects water into the firing chamber which has a 4 mm sliver if Element 901. When the water hits the element the water instantly turns to high pressure steam and fires the round in the chamber. The excess pressure drives the barrel forward not backward as with most pistols. As the barrel slides back it picks up a new dart and returns to the firing position. It can be fired in any of 4 modes, Single, Light 5 round burst, Heavy 20 round burst, and Full auto which will unload the one hundred round magazine in twenty seconds.

The round it self is a 5 mm x 30 mm dart comprising a tungsten tip and a core with a fluted ceramic shell.

Penetration: will punch through one inch plate steel at 30 feet,

Winchester Trinity:

Is a .30-30 caliber rifle made from tritium but its unique feature is it has three barrels it can carry 24 rounds,

.50 Caliber Winchester Break down Sniper Rifle:

Is a simple Winchester lever action rifle made big enough to fire fifty caliber rounds. It has a barrel extension and a scope. Its magazine is what makes it different. It has a multi barrel magazine much like a Gatlin gun has six barrels. Each of the three rotating magazines has 4, 50 cal. rounds in them. The stock is also redesigned to absorb the massive recoil. It uses an oil and spring piston system as a shock absorber.

8 Gauge Shotgun:

This is a normal looking shot gun written large for the special rounds.

Other than size there is little that would distinguish it from another break over single barrel shotgun but firing it is another matter all together. Its recoil can knock a grown man down, break bones, and dislocate shoulders. The 8 gauge shot gun has had the addition of a shock absorption stock like that on the .50 cal’ rifle.

However the shells it uses make all the difference in the world


Bird shot (the birds don’t stand a chance)

Buck shot (OO)

Explosive (grenade)

Armor piercing (door buster)

Greek Flame (a combination of powdered magnesium, aluminum, and phosphors)

Grappling Hook/Anchor (150 feet of cord)

12 Gauge Shotgun:

This is a standard double barreled, break over shotgun with sawed off grips and a 12 in barrel

Shells Buckshot

Misc. Devices: Explosives, Detonators, climbing claws, roller with grip to slide down cables etc

Normal Pistols/Rifles: Several hundred firearms in personal collection, up to the model year 1924

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Yes be my guest. You may use the format. I learned how to make this style character sheet from years of RP gaming. 

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