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Greetings, any and all who care to stop by. It's certainly been awhile since I've added an entry, if you are in linear time. Just yesterday, otherwise. Summer has arrived, my least favorite season, especially for Victorian wardrobe. In the time elapsed since last I 'blogged' it was my pleasure and privilege to proof and edit the autobiography of one Richard O'Brien, who I believe I've mentioned before. He has always liked my artwork and after discovering my writing, decided to hire me to read and correct his story. Insisted on paying me, which I did not successfully decline. I had originally thought to do it as a favor, but we signed paperwork et al and there you go. Sadly, he has been discouraged by a few rejections from publishers and has shelved the project. There are some rather explosive bits needing 'toning down' but meanwhile, he's off playing the role of Fagin in New Zealand and not interested. So I've got one of the only existing copies of his life story at the moment, while still trying to get him back to it.     


Currently immersing myself in research regarding the Matawan Maneater of 1916-- the fatal Jersey shark attacks which happened a few miles from where I am sitting at the moment. It was the actual historic event that inspired Mr. Benchley to pen Jaws, and the rest we know. Likewise the unsolved Whiteman murders are still on the library desk, and having completed Unburied Dead I have already written several chapters of the next book. Feeling productive, I'd say.


I did attend the Steampunk World's Fair two months ago. It was not the best experience, but there were a few unfortunate factors contributing to this. I suppose it would be near impossible to duplicate the event of 2010. There was quite a party in 212, from all accounts.


That's quite enough for now.   

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