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Herein lies a short story of mine:

These are works I have not put to music yet, and may never. Still, if you'd like to have a look...

By Horatio VonDarkfaulker


Within long rings of standing rocks

The Priestess sings of moonlit Nox

Whose ebon dress and raven locks

Swathe in shadow all the eve


And leagues beyond the hallowed fen

In a village on a glen

Lords, Ladies and low tavern men

Greet the night’s reprieve


Yet in my chambers I awaken

The joy of sunlight I’ve forsaken

To glean what solace can be taken

From her Ebon Serenade


I am enraptured all night long

By ancient rhyme and eldritch song

Whose origins in truth belong

To times before the world was made


And as the earth turns ever by

Under moonlight and cloud darkened sky

Imagination reaches high

Unfettered in her soulful balm


Where airy muses draw so near

To breathe their breath upon my ear

From quill to page these words appear

Scions of a cradled calm


Outside forest creatures creep

While blissful balmy sleepers sleep

Soft time is stopped in slumber deep

They cannot know of what I write


'Tis well and good and more for me

The night and calm serenity

Steeped in darkened melody

I do so love the night

© 2007-2009 Horatio VonDarkfaulker All Rights Reserved


In my dream I stand

On warm and golden sands

Drinking endless heaven

From an angel’s two cupped hands


It quickens me to zenith

And thrills me like ascension

Tasting one part epiphany

And one part soul’s redemption


And it burns away the moorings of my pain

Making light the lead in me

Raising up the dead in me

A calming balm to soothe the storms

Of ragged fear and dread in me


And I laugh with the angel until I cry

Knowing I'll not be turned away


To this the angel smiles and says

In a voice sublime and lyrical

“To heal a soul you must collect

These fixings for a miracle


“Listen closely to my formula

For the Greatest Panacea;

Garner up your best birthday

And two tears from Cytherea


“Three memories of being loved

By those you love the most

The smell of fresh brewed coffee;

The taste of cinnamon toast


“Find four fears that you have fought

And defeated over time

Combine them with five happy summers

When you were in your prime


“Add six places you would go

Should you have the chance

The words to all your favorite songs

And the joy of your first dance


“Seven falling stars you’ve seen

The brightest are the best

And when you’ve stirred them in the mix

Then mix in all the rest


“Throw in a bit of Christmas

With the all the times you won

If you do these things I say

You’ll have heaven when you’re done”


I ask if I could make enough

For all the world to share

She then laughs and bids me look

And to my much astonished stare


I see an endless line of people

They stand on the golden sands

Drinking endless heaven

From their angel’s two cupped hands


And I laugh with my angel until I cry

Knowing none are turned away

© 2007-2009 Horatio VonDarkfaulker All Rights Reserved


Don’t want you

Don’t need you

I’ve been without you for so long

Me and Spiderman, and Lancelot, and Micronauts

I'll open my self up

And make the cut

To bleed the music in your name this time

I'll try not to blame you

I’ve been filling the empty

With the nothingness inside

And I’ve been missing the memories

Of the face you chose to hide

How I wish it could have been your hand

To paint this portrait of a man

But if I had to name an artist

I would name Sir Lancelot and Spiderman

I tried not to blame you


We made do

Remade you

Between the four of us

Me my brother and my mother and

Another man

Thinking it would not be so bad

One could never miss what one has never had

Yet somehow I managed to

I could never accept it

The stranger in your place

I could only reject it

With a negative of grace

How I wish it could have been your hand

To paint this portrait of a man

But if I had to name an artist

I would name both Lancelot and Spiderman

I tried not to blame you


Took so long

To grow strong

Much like a tree without the sun

You were never my father

And I was never your son

Seems such sad shame

To bear a scar I could not hide inside

I can’t help but to blame you

Now I find myself standing

Beyond my struggle and my fight

My voice sunders the empty

Like lightning splits the night

I still wish it could have been your hand

To paint this portrait of a man

But I likely would have faired much worse

Without Sir Lancelot and Spiderman

© 2007-2009 Horatio VonDarkfaulker All Rights Reserved

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Comment by Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker on August 4, 2010 at 4:57am
And what a sweet lady you are to leave such a comment~

Comment by Lady Nelly Nightshade on August 2, 2010 at 7:39pm
What a talented fellow you are Dear Horatio
Comment by Ravanna Noxx on January 21, 2010 at 9:51am
Amazing. Such a blending of darkness and light.
Comment by Graham Peter King on December 13, 2009 at 10:37pm
wow those are neat! / all resonate within me / my heart shares their beat / their warming virtues heat me.

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