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Announcing a steampunk design competition.

The Victorian Steampunk Society is pleased to announce a design competition for the UK Weekend at the Asylum Festival.

Rather than tickets, tags, wristbands or badges we intend this year to hand out cast pewter tokens to festival participants. It is envisaged that these would then become a collectors item for future years. The 2010 fob should be in the size range of 15-30mm across and can be any shape. It should generally be around 2mm thick with a maximum thickness of 4mm in parts where the design is thickest. The design should somewhere on the reverse include the year 2010. The shape and style is up to the designer to allow maximum creativity but the finished item should function as a pendant, key ring, watch chain fob type piece so that people can add them to their apparel for future years.

The token will be cast in a centrifugal casting machine so that means the design must bear in mind the limitations of the medium avoiding undercuts etc. The design can be double sided. The majority of the tokens will be supplied in antiqued pewter but a selection of VIP tokens will be plated with real gold. Obviously these will be much rarer and sought after in years to come.

The winning designer will see a limited run of 900 of their tokens produced in pewter and 100 gold plated tokens. They will be granted a VIP Gold pass for the event (Value £70) and five standard tokens for themselves after the event. Of course the real prize is knowing you have designed something so special which will hopefully mean a lot to the steampunks who attend the event. Entries from overseas are welcome. In leiu of a pass for the event if you can't make it we will mount up a special display version of your design and send it to you as a momento of your achievement.

This is a chance to contribute to one of the finest steampunk events on the planet and to go down in steampunk history as the designer of the very first "Asylum Fob".

Entries should be in the form of a master model which should be made in a hard, non absorbent material suitable for making a mould from. All entries will be exhibited at The Asylum along with contact details etc so this is an opportunity to get your work viewed by the cream of UK steampunk society (and a few overseas visitors too)

Enquiries and questions may be posted here.

Good luck and we look forward to viewing your designs.

(The decision of the VSS is final and binding. Copyright will pass to the VSS but will be credited to the designer. Entries can be submitted for shortlisting by photograph emailed to by March 30th 2010. Shortlisted designs will be called for and deadline for physical entries will be April 30th 2010. All physical entries will be returned immediately following the Asylum event. If the winning designer has already purchased a ticket for themselves for the Asylum this will be refunded.)

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