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Anyone who knows me will testify to my inability to type in a coheent fashion. I await the arrival of the DRAGON...apparently a form of soft ware that everyone but me and the next neighbor's West Highland White Terrier, knows all about.

Apparently it is a form of dictation software. A co-worker gave me a demonstration of it on his Smart-Phone. The phone over heard my exclaimation and admonished me that "There is no need for profanity." I am NOT KIDDING. Too smart by half, I say.

Without order for the Mac version was in. I have a year's worth of  loose notes stacked up of what I hope will be a cracking good yarn. I have no problen with writing longhand...but it makes for a miserable time transcribinng to the MAChine. My only fear is that a years worth of disconnected notation will probably only fill about 3 pages of draft. Then the real work begins.

So I wait, out in the middle of Nowhere, North Dakota... patiently. %#@&*! ...I hope the Dragon has no problem with my French. 

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