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So, last year I started my life on the road.

After a broken ankle and then wintering had us semi-stationary with a few friends, Cap and I are heading back on the road for our convention and faire scene.

We are SUPER bad at updating, but we do update here and there, so you can follow our adventures on the road here:

We talk about... well personal and job stuff.

While living on the road, we are being seriously insane, and working on running an event. Have you heard of it?

We hope you will join us. It is the first steampunk festival! Festival, not convention. This event focuses more on you getting up and doing, going out to dance at musical events, participating in other events, than on sitting down and hearing about things from experts. There will be some people talking for those who like listening- as many of us do!- but this is an active enjoyable weekend... at least, that's what we're aiming for. ^_^

Also, you can follow what we are doing with the troupe we work with, The Penny Dreadfuls, of our S.S. Icarus group. The Dreadfuls are heading ALL OVER THE PLACE this year.

Soon to be, but we're still working on that with one of our friends and Dreadites.

If you don't want to check a website for all the info, you can just become a fan on Facebook:

What am I doing? Where am I doing it?

Over the next two months I will be in

Shelton, CT
Nashua, NH
Portland and New Brunswick, ME
Houston, TX (KamikazeCon)
Long Island, NY (I-CON)
Boston, MA (Anime Boston)
Waltham, MA (Charles River Museum steampunk event)
Chartlon, MA (Nexus Faire)
then probably down to CT, and then back to NJ to work on Steampunk Worlds Fair (SPWF)

If I am in your area-ish, let me know! I'd love to see you. If you'd like us to swing by, Cap and I have the Icarus- a 20 ft. RV and so parking will need to be worked out.

I love and miss all of you great people we met last year at the varying conventions and ren faires and everything in between. I hope to see you soon!

All best and much love,


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