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First, an introduction of me, Carol Edwards.  This is my debut in the world of Steampunk.  Although I've been aware of its presence for several years, I stayed on the edges and observed.  The Esteemed Aloysius Fox and his company of fellow Citizens of the Empire finally gave me the push I needed to come out of my nerd shell.  I attended Pandoracon 2012, a production of Pandora Promotions.  The community I saw there was warm, friendly, inviting, loving even.  I felt like an orphan who had found her long lost family.  You lot are amazing.  I'm also discovering the reason my character's voice just came out a Brit is that's what I've been thinking in and reading so much of, especially growing up with my literary heroes, Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, and so many more I can't list them all.  I see a pattern now, as I look back on my favorite characters, and the ones I cherished the most, the ones I most identified with, were the ones with brains AND beauty.  Belle was my favorite princess, hands down.  She was intellectual, funny, charming, and friendly, and those were the things that made her so radiantly beautiful.  I am blessed to know many women like this, whose beauty shines out from within because is a force of good that must be let out into the world to heal ugly wounds and broken hearts.  My own heart has its share of scars, marks left behind by carelessness, spite, bitterness, and a long list of others.  I do not lament these things, however, because they have formed me into the marvelous person I'm becoming.  I spent many years trying to live up to standards that were either unrealistic or simply non-existent outside of my own flawed logic.  I have more friends now than I ever have, and I've even doubled that number since I met my husband Geoff (the brave Sir Geoffrey).  I've pondered on this seeming mystery quite a bit, and I've come to the conclusion that most people prefer to be around those who are just themselves, quirks and all.  The people i've always been closest to in my life are the ones who have not only loved me in spite of those quirks, but because of them.  I decided to find more genuine people, because, extrovert that I am, I need to be surrounded with other genuinely good people in order to make me happy and safe and secure.  Yes, I believe I am musing now, but not without aim.  My aim is simply to express gratitude for those who have surrounded me with so much love and acceptance and authenticity that I felt safe to come out and be myself.  And so, I've found myself here at the depot of the Empire's Grand Central Station, having just stepped off the train to a lively and lovely bunch of revelers who welcomed me with open arms.  Now that i've gotten as long-winded as an old crusty war-hero, I'll cut scene here.  More is certain to follow!

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Comment by Deborah Clark on October 9, 2012 at 3:04am

Welcome quirky Carol!

My debut also. I hope we become better aquainted in time.



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