The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Entry #187

Date Recorded: January 24, 2999


The fat fellow never suspected a thing.


If there's one thing that rich Americans love, it's a large revealing window. Olvany has one in his office at the Columbian Order's headquarters on east 14th street. No doubt built so he can look out onto New York and be aroused in the knowledge that the entire city, and thus the entire nation, is in his hands... or at least it was.


Olvany was sitting at his desk when we arrived in the lifeboat. The news had not yet reached him about the escaped factory prisoners. With his back to the window he never saw us coming. Within under a minute we swooped in, smashed through the window, grabbed Olvany by his fat collar and tossed him onto the lifeboat, and flew off again. High and out of reach. Wendy and Pendergast binded and gagged him, but still he made quite a lot of noise all the way to Avenue A. We dropped him off outside the secret headquarters of the People's Front, sounded the foghorn to let them know they had a guest, and sped off before the police had even cleared the traffic.


With Olvany as a hostage, the negotiations can begin. All of New York will be holding its breath and subsequently all of America. With an uprising as significant as this, President Bradshaw and subsequently President Crawford will have no choice but to turn their attention from the war.


Our work is done here... now we can finally leave this wretched city.


Edward Von Arkham,

The Mad Hatter

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