The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Entry #188

Date Recorded: January 24, 2999


We left the big rotten apple as soon as we had left Olvany with the People's Front. Roman was waiting for us aboard the Hysteria and was eager to take off... he wasn't having much fun hiding in New York's toxic clouds.


If all goes as I predict (and it will) than President Bradshaw will shift most of the American Military towards New York within the week. Vicky won't be happy... which means I will be. We now fly back to Coppersteam. At the moment it's flying over central Africa, so we should meet it in the South Atlantic this evening. Once we arrive their I will confer with the Captain's Tribunal and discuss with my crew as to what our next course of action should be. I do wonder what the other captain's have been getting up to in the last week. They should be glad to hear of our doings in America and eager still to turn the fight to Britain.


Also, by the time we reach Coppersteam, Annalee will have reached England and completely assembled her disguise. There should be a wire waiting for us when we return.


Edward Von Arkham,

The Mad Hatter

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