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I am in need of assistance my fellow SPE staff and members. I have planned a rather extensive trip over to the continent of Europe. In the following passage I will show all the places I plan on visiting. While I have somewhat decided what the last three places are going to be on my list I have yet to decide what are going to be the first five cities I go to are. Here is the full list of the countries and major cities I plan on seeing. Edinburgh Scotland, London England, Barcelona Spain, Copenhagen Denmark, Amsterdam The Netherlands, Berlin Germany, Stockholm Sweden, and Geneva Switzerland. While I have loosely based the trip ending with these last three major cities in three different countries they are this thus far. First will be Edinburgh, Scotland. To be followed by going to London, England. Finally the last stop (currently) will be Barcelona, Spain. Granted I know the rest of the places I have chosen are relatively close. I need a start off point. Also, if you have a different recommendation as what the starting and ending places don't hesitate to suggest. This trip has yet to be set in stone, but I know it will eventually happen. Thank you and I bid all a fond farewell for now. Happy Traveling. 

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Comment by Melyssa Ravyn Breckenridge on July 16, 2014 at 2:41pm

Well, I can tell you that I am going to take plenty of pictures (making sure the phone is empty of all things that take up space. So, you can live vicariously through the photos I have taken. As I mentioned in the addition to France I wanted to stay outside of Paris. The reasoning for this is their highly elitist attitude toward Americans in general. As far as my french goes, I know very little considering I never took a language in school thanks to being dyslexic. So, I have been hunting for translators on android to avoid awkward situations. As far as your assessment, and travel route, I really like the format and think I am going to follow your suggestions.

Comment by Captain Maximillian Drake on July 16, 2014 at 9:48am

Must add, I wish I was making this trip!

Comment by Captain Maximillian Drake on July 16, 2014 at 9:47am

Ah ok, now that I know how long you will be there that helps as well. Ten weeks, lets see, well I'd say there are definitely things in or around Paris (was there a long time ago as well, as well as Barcelona on the same trip) that are worth seeing. Do keep in mind the Chunnel/Eurostar train route is to Paris is the most common and its a fast train that most likely makes fewer stops along the way (what I'm seeing advertised is London to Paris in 2h 15m). However, staying for any length of time in Paris might not be what you want to do. The Parisians can be rather rude and snotty as a general rule to Americans, but I hear most places outside Paris its the opposite. How's your French (they appreciate folks who at least try to speak French)? There are plenty of things to see outside of Paris though in France, Versailles Palace is well worth seeing and is just outside Paris, there is the Loire Valley (tons of Castles, but haven't been there), also have heard that Avignon (was the seat of the Catholic church for a while) is interesting as well.

Also adding Ireland into the mix, at least as progressions go, if you are ending there you may want to rethink the order you go places (there may be other things involved I don't know about, so only a suggestion). Basically what I'm seeing now is a trip made of three large "loops". 2 northern loops and 1 southern. Loop 1: (start in Amsterdam? Schiphol Airport, landed and left from there-great airport one of 2 Int. airports in the Neth. ) Netherlands---->Denmark------->Sweden--------->Germany. Loop 2: (Start in Germany)------>Switzerland------->France (Perhaps some stops along the way)-------->Spain------------>France via Paris. Loop 3: (Starts in Paris) Paris-------->(chunnel) England (London)-------->Edinburgh---------->Ireland. I figure since the last place you are going is Ireland that loop will have to be last (yeah I know thank you captain Obvious), but Loops One and 2 could be interchanged and even run backward as they basically could both end up in France I think. Mind you I'm not a travel agent, so all this would have to be researched for viability/availability.

Anyway, keeping in mind that Western Europe's rail system is quite good and traveling from country to country (generally no more than a "day", Netherlands can be crossed in 4 1/2 hours top to bottom by train-done it) is like traveling from state to state here, you could do this in a more haphazard way as well from a centralized hub (say France for example). 10 weeks is certainly enough time to make a pretty good tour of Western Europe.

Comment by Melyssa Ravyn Breckenridge on July 16, 2014 at 7:14am

Ok, I am going to take your suggestion and add France the trip, but I want some place other than Paris but close enough to the chunnel so I can make a quick trip to london after my week in France, but balance everything out I am also going to end the trip in a lbgtq friendly town in Ireland to round out the trip to an entire time in Europe for ten weeks and two weeks in Buffalo and Niagara Falls for a total of two weeks to say hello to friends and get the rest of my belongings from my friends that are holding on to them.back in my old home town. Thank you.

Comment by Captain Maximillian Drake on July 15, 2014 at 10:05pm

Just as the "layout" and "progression" is concerned Edinburgh to London to Amsterdam works pretty good (good choices, been to each at least once in my life. So far as progression, I'd say that Amsterdam to Copenhagen Denmark to Stockholm Sweden to Berlin Germany makes good sense too. From there it's a big leap from Berlin to Barcelona Spain.....................I'd say stop somewhere in France along the way. That also would depend on your mode of transport. through France would make good sense if you go by train (the trains are far better in Europe than in the US, and prolly the cheapest mode of transport other than backpacking). If its by plane then I guess the order prolly won't make too much difference.

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