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To all the other fellow tinkers,greetings from N.L.Byiers,Artifex.
While wandering about the Net,I stumbled upon this site,and must admit that I am surprised.I was compleatly unaware that such a group exisited,and hope that I might be of some service as well as exchange information hard-won and obsqure.
My own experience is also available to others in the following fields:
Black Powder gunsmithing/artillery
Job-shop machining
Archery(especially in the manufacture of Crossbows)
Hit and Miss petrol engines
Small steam engines
Pre Great War motor cycles
Jewelry Work
Traveling Low(a somewhat obscure term,saddly fallen on hard times,but a useful skill)
Pothole Archeology
Training Heavy Dogs
Bicycle Repair and Modification

It is my hope that within the next year I shall outfit a small expidition of about six months duration,the purpose of which will be to crosse the American continent from East to West.Partially,it will involve taking various astronomical observations in areas free of heavy light pollution ,partially to test various pieces of equipment in the line of light artillery(shamefully,the local shooting society does not enjoy my company;they find a 4 bore shoulder-fired gun a bit noisy),and to expand the general catalouge of interests that I posses.I also hope that I might meet some of you on the trip,and seek to astound you with the Mobile Machine Shop I am constructing.
In hopes of future contact,
N.L. Byiers,Artifex

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