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   It seems my last and only post was in July so I figure I might wish to say something to assure everyone that I am indeed not a figment of anyone's imagination, or, if I am, so might they be as well. Somebody's a twisted son of a gun if so.

   I digress.


   I've been working on my story with Engie Fae and Esther a bit more lately. It's been nearly a year since the first pic of Gunny was made and launched this little endeavor and so far things have gotten weird, complicated and not very far written or drawn. I plan to drop bits and parts of enticing tidbits here in my blog on occasion mostly to keep them from getting lost but also for the sheer sake of making curious people ask questions. As self serving as that sounds it's actually a good way to spot plot holes and patch them up with a bit of scrap leather and bull pucky (if you don't know, please reference the 1980's).


   For the current doings and such The attempted get together with the Cincinnati league folks didn't work out so well. Between flooding and traffic we were late for the parade. We then found ourselves faced with a bar too full to get inside and thought perhaps we could just go meet them at the end of the route. We then were directed in the opposite direction by a local policeman and when we saw where we really needed to be we just returned to the bar. This process cost me my tallest "B" boots. The sidewalks were bad enough to shatter the entire sole of each boot and leave the metal supports sticking out the bottom, basically put they're way beyond done for. I'm sure that if I'd not been wearing my spurs the soles may have come completely off.


 We made an attempt to talk with the folks who had made it back from the Bockfest hall early but the combination of weather, crowding and noise wasn't doing us any favors and it was decided that we'd best go see to our empty stomachs and get out of our shoes (me in particular there, my feet were badly swollen by the time we got back to Engies place).


  A bit of tasty sushi and fried tofu at Kyoto did plenty to help our moods. The following day was further brightened by some good breakfast, good thriftin', and good mad science.


   Methinks a good daytime venue might have been a better idea for our little trio, and perhaps a few more familiar faces (of course two of us are country critter's so that's no surprise, the other tends to blend right into anything and I envy her that gift.) Maybe they'd care to join us at MARcon this year?


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