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Yes, I am aware that it takes me an unusually long time to acquaint myself with a new site, but when the brain is older than the body those things happen sometimes (it's called rust my dears). I have now discovered the blog, please check your sanity at the door as I cannot assume responsibility for what may or may not happen to it here.

This also temps me to reveal more information on the character of Gunny however, I will not for now. I think it best for me to at least complete (and/or edit) the bits of comic book that began during MARcon before I start into trying to explain anything outside of it. Frankly it sounds like a twinkie mess until it's put into context and one can realize that all the insanity does not happen all at once but is instead spread out over several years (decades even) and most of it has perfectly reasonable explainations (within the context of the story). The story also includes (later in) bits and parts of other peoples character stories that are also being developed so I wouldn't wish to bind into writing anything that they themselves have not yet fully developed or decided upon.

In light of the work schedule and the obvious need for food, shower and sleep I'll leave the blog at that for now.

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