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Just when I thought I was getting ahead!!!

It's not enough that I have so many things to finish I've now been asked to create an iPhonograph for an art exhibition called 'from waste to art'.  So.......this is what I have been working on.  It has a 50 watt amplifier which I built from a kit, a 50 watt speaker under the embossed brass horn which can handle a 100 watts of power and to finish this off I am installing a tone control.  The cradle takes an iPad, iPhone or iPod and charges them at the same time - enjoy!  I am changing the black knobs on the front for nice gleaming brass ones!

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Tags: Amplifier, Artefact, Audio, Brass, DIY, Electronic, Electronics, HI-FI, Music, Peripheral, More…Smartphones, Steampunk, Victorian, iPad, iPhone, iPod


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