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The Crossroads of the Aether

... the project persistently continues to do well, and all those around it continue to work hard (except for Arthur, who continues to demand pay increases and his own Winnebago* with a star on the door). 

... That may have been an exaggeration completely. Please, don't hurt us, Arthur! He has ways of redefining pain!

In any case, and in all seriousness, Obvious Notion has officially moved into "LLC" territory. This can only mean one thing: our marketing wench/leading lady, Rachel, is about to bend over backwards to bring you tasty Kickstarter naggings. Okay, that's not all it means... that's just initially what it means right now. Keep your eyes peeled! 

We are scoping out a new location for our next couple scenes, so productions still for that will be coming throughout the summer. Who knows? We may be able to show off some Steampunkery and Sloss action, as well. It's always great when those two crazy kids get together, isn't it? 

Look for more updates soon as our marketing guru recovers from consolidating her schedule. She just went full time at a kitchen in May, so re-adjusting has been required. 

*We call it a "Whine"bago.**

**Only Rachel calls it that. 

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