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The Crossroads of the Aether

I have decided to use my handy piece of the rose quartz to jettison back to the Nautilina. Much faster than the practical forms of air ships or sea going vessels. Here much field work comenses of the oceanographic and marine biological sort. This is actually the vessel I grew up on.

I need a break after hearing the final news of my arctic journey, as of current. A bit of time to dissapear into my thoughts and to take in the findings of my father, the scientist, and the newly perceived world around me.

My favorite other place in the æther is that of the oceans. Here I can take a breather on fortified air and journey to the very depths that our predecessor Sir Vern would only dream of contemplating.


I am 10 meters below the surface, and once again I feel that small trickle of failure as air begins to constantly accumulate in my mouth. I know this error and do not take it lightly in the 4 C water. I choose then not to go any deeper, retrace my swimming distance at a slow pace and breath. If I should go deeper, I can have a total freeze or free flow regulator. I take this chance as an opportunity to experience this under diving instead of taking my octopus ventilator to use. It does not hurt to practice and learn under different experiences. There could be a day that I have no choice - to be ready and know what will be experienced is better than not knowing.

Since this is governing my dive in a way I cannot control, I slowly make my way back to the landing zone. So slow, that seeing the life in between the rock surfaces and under sea fauna was the biggest pay off yet.

I was under several rock ledges and had the opportunity to see dead man's fingers growing on the underside. In addition, I found several brittle starfish camped out in little holes along the large stone surfaces. The tidal waves making the large sea grass glide to and fro, revealed different crab species milling about with their daily lives. There was even a fish who hung around checking me out in the distance.

As my regulator slowly turned to free flow, it was getting more difficult to breath. I had finished my three minute decompression halt and signaled to my FSS (free singular submersion) companion that I was cold and surfacing. I begin the ascent slowly, still looking around at the little creatures the oceans keep hidden. My FSS buddy was on the internal landing zone of the Nautilina, and I awaited my turn to board a couple feet below.
Suddenly, I realized I had a very tiny visitor right in front of my double port-holed view. It had a bright pink head and body, yet the rest of its physical makeup was translucent. It had wings that flew in the waters and two antennas that moved as if in communication. I could not see any eyes or orifices as this beautifully magnificent creature waved its delicate wings at me. I could feel that it was intelligent in a manner that it was just as amazed to see me, as I it. The Naked Sea Butterfly stayed right in view as it studied me and we danced with the breaking waters off the vessel's underbelly. Then as quickly as it appeared, it vanished in between foam and current.

(New Theory - Washed Out)

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