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So I guess excitement doesn't begin to describe what's gripping me this week. I know there is a lot of work ahead before the final product is complete, but over the next week or so we've decided to do a 10 minute prelude to Mrs. E to whet everybody's appetite. Finding the Steampunk Empire was quite the inspiration really. Without giving too much away, the story will revolve around the Mrs. E known as Elsha (Played by Katherine Wunderbar) and her manager Alexandra Lee (Played by Liz Kimbler) just before their darkest hour. The Prelude will also sport an appearance from another Mrs. E played by Simoriah Gosnell and a mysterious nemesis played by Emily Dowden-Estes.

Mrs. E is a sci-ci/fantasy/Horror series in the making by a dedicated team in Missouri, about a mysterious woman and her Victorian Tea Shoppe that is everywhere at once and is due for release on 01/01/2013. The Prelude should see release by mid September.

In the meantime the Mrs. E Facebook page is available as is the Indiegogo campaign for you to show your support. This is an exciting time for me as the writer as well as those taking part and we hope you'll come along for the ride.


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