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Multi-cultural Steampunk: Any interests?

I was approached by some friends to design some steampunk attire for them for this falls con, but when they found out that there was more to Steampunk than English wear, they looked at me puzzled. I mentioned how fun it would be if they brought their own personal cultures into their steampunk personas...then it hit that something people would find interesting to wear? Too photography? To explore?


Or is sticking to the typical UK presented attire the only way to fly?


Please reply, I would love to hear ideas, do a little brain storming and of course, just chitter in general.

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Comment by Gen. Malcolm Kane USAAC on July 16, 2011 at 8:43pm
When it comes to Steampunk the limit is ......your imagination and budget. Though you might ant to stick to 19th century STYLES

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