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My steampunk romance book release info and a request!

Hello all!

My steampunk romance novella, 'Love in a Time of Steam' releases on July 15th, but it is available for pre-order now! You can follow this link and for just 0.99 you can pre-order your copy! I am really trying to get at least 100 pre-orders, so if you like a little sexy romance with your steampunk give it a try!


Elizabeth Darvill

Love in a Time of Steam - Blub

Ashlyn hasn’t seen Gray her former lover in five long years. Not since the day he believed her to be a traitor to the military cause they both served.

Now as the volatile nature of their planet is reaching a fevered pitch, and the war over water to run their steam-powered technology is threatening all beings, she must face him once more.

Despite her intense hatred towards Gray, Ashlyn can’t let the father of her child be murdered by General Dagnus, the leader of the opposing army. Risking her life, Ashlyn lays everything on the line to save the man that betrayed her once. As they work together to survive, will they be able to rekindle the passion they once shared?

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