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The Crossroads of the Aether

Onward to Our Final Destination, By Air! 11th of November

Morning. As the sun rose, we left the town of Al Fashir far behind us. Our mode of transportation, an air ship named The Freedom of Africa (a rather ramshackle contraption of dubious air-worthiness) sailed South-West and within hours the dry grasslands below us gave way to random patches of trees then light forest, then heavy jungle. We were over the great Congo jungle.


Sadly, little could be seen through the vast green canopy of trees that stretched as far as the eye could see. Soon our hopes of catching sight of the underground river's next entrance was dashed as we reached the location of the entrance marked by the jeweled amulet.

"You see Johannes, that map and amulet are useless to us! How will we ever catch that evil woman?" complained Winslow.

"Do not fret Bernard." I replied "I have no doubt that the entrance marked by the amulet is directly below us. But it is not at this entrance that we wish to make a landing. No, we shall make our landing here at the entrance marked by this last jewel." I pointed at the amulet.

"Yes Prof. Winslow, we will land, find the entrance, for it may be overgrown by the jungle's flora, and enter the river. We will surely beat Prof. Clausius!" said Greenfield.

"Indeed we shall Thomas!" I said smiling "Remember Bernard, while she is traveling at great speed, the Professor must follow the serpentine path of the river. We however, shall save much time by traveling in a direct line to our destination."

"I see." said Winslow "Still, I wish our path was more..." he paused then continued "well... know to us."

"I do not think we could be anymore accurate then this map has proven to be." I replied.


At this point of the conversation, our captain, a dark skinned man by the name of Fahiz entered the small cabin.

"Mr. Leopold," he said "we shall be arriving at our destination in perhaps two days, Allah willing."

"Excellent Captain, let us hope that he is, it is most vital that we arrive as soon as possible." I said.

"Yes, yes, yes, I surely understand you Mr. Leopold but we must take into consideration the nature of the weather and such things you know." said the Captain in a heavy accent.

"Yes, of course..." I said "Well my dear companions there is nothing more we can do but sit back and wait for the good Capt. to deliver us to our destination."


The next two days were excruciatingly long and tedious and I will not spend much time recounting them. Many of my hours were spent going through my book of spells and memorizing incantations with the hope of preparing myself for my encounter with the Prof. I have little doubt that she will resort to sorcery of some nature to ensure her success. I must be ready for her and not caught off my guard!


That is all for now...






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