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I got a report from an indie friend that another author's book was pirated for 21000 downloads from I got on with an almost empty Visa gift card to check it out.

So, here it is. You search it on the first website, the mybookezz, and that leads you to, then the Mybookezzz site crashes. Playyeah asks for credit card for access and account. I got a free 5 day trial to investigate. I did NOT find my book on Playyeah, the actual download site. To download, the first site leads you here, regardless. now, initially, on mybookezzz, my book DID show up, but it isn't actually present among the downloads.

Well, pirating investigation brings me to this: we indie authors have to be careful how we make our stuff available and we need a better way to track our downloads. For my part, I have Createspace to keep track of this for me, but many e-boo authors do it by themselves. Don't be a dick and pirate someone's art work. It's as bad as plagiarism. That was cool back in the 1700s, but today, pirate is only cool for dress-up. This was my final comment on the page:
"Nothing reported to Ripoff Report and better Business Bureau. I think the best thing for us to do is regularly google our own books to check and see where the name shows up, even use Duckduckgo for more refined results. When I wade through my own, it does show all my blog sites, where the name shows on other people's posts, and my own website. I am listed on IMDB, or whatever that site is that gives a preview, but they link to purchase sites. I think if you google search and go through the listings you should find better information. I am not certain that Mybookezzz and Playyeah are pirate sites for INDIE authors, but I am not certain why playyeah needs a crashing front site to operate. Like I said, I would google the stuff and surf through that way to see where the book is mentioned."
Mybookezzz leads you to enter a credit card, and you have the option of a 5 day free trial. You do have to pay for the service after that. When you agree and you enter this and make an account, you are bumped immediately to and Mybookezzz crashes. I don't know why they need a front site, but all they have on there is well known books, as far as I can tell. I am keeping the gift card on hand in case I need to get back in there and search, but I searched 8 or so authors and 12 or so books, including the ones people asked me to search, and they were not on the site. What's more, you can't download from Mybookezzz without going to Playyeah. It is still suspicious, and I urge indie authors to search their books regularly to see where they show up.

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Comment by Suzanne Dome, Author on July 24, 2013 at 10:22am
Facebook, you suck. I have restarted my computer twice because your servers are too busy sucking their own genitalia.
In other news, Createspace informed me this morning that because I handle all the rights to my digital book, they would not be able to defend a writer on the internet. We're on our own for e-book piracy.
Also, in my investigation, I knew I would have to run virus scan, and good thing. Those pages tried to put StrongVault on my computer again, and it's a false security program that I've seen before.

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