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My name is Alexander Watt Babbage. I am the Son of Charles Babbage and Georgian Whitmore. I was born in 1827 in the family home at 5 Devonshire Street, Portland Place, London. There are several errors in the common public records of my family, the most salient to myself being the fact that I did not die as an infant, as my Father has circulated, but am still quite healthy and active and not, to my knowledge, any sort of spirit or phantasm.

It was my adventurous ways and rebellion in response to paternal control that led to my father not only disowning me, but making strong efforts to disguise the fact that I survived at all. He insisted that I go into banking with my Uncle, and was somewhat less than pleased that I found this to be such a dreadful and disheartening prospect that I could not, and would not entertain the idea. Instead I spent my time, and considerable of his money, at taverns and on the docks where I could hear the latest tales of adventure and excitement from world travelers of all social classes. Ultimately he cut me off, and expunged me from the family Bible. I shortly set sail for adventures of my own and, not long after, came to be captured by the Airship Pirates.

Far from being a calamity, this I greeted with enthusiasm, for it was the tales of the pirates that most encouraged my embarkation to adventure. It was only great good fortune to fall into the grasp of those who most inspired my imagination, and even better good fortune that they did not execute me out of hand, but allowed me to join their band and aid them in such small ways as I could devise. And devise is precisely what I did - I became their artificer and mechanic, repairing their looted machines and designing and constructing new ones, to make their hidden island base a glorious utopia - Steamtopia.

I have heard that my journals have been recently published in part at:

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Comment by Phineas Wotan Sprockett, O.C.C. on November 18, 2012 at 7:26pm


    I read with interest your profile and your narrative on your blog, steamtopia.   Masterful!    I do hope you will continue your narrative.

Phineas W. Sprockett, occ

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