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..Greeting my fellow Steampunk communities.......... I would like to answers some statements regarding The Airship Isabella Productions Steampunk compilation CD soon to be released. The artist featured as of now are Abney Park, Vernian Process, One-Eyed Doll, Ben Steed, Wet Glass Ro, 22 Chillies, The Shanklin Freak Show and Damian Sicks....we are working to add Dr. Steel and a few more artist to the project. We will keep you posted on any artist added to the CD. We have been raising a lot of issues by claiming that this is the first Steampunk Compilation Cd to be released. We have read the responses from the community and would like to explain what we mean by the first EVER. ASI Productions plans to release TEN compilation CD in order to define Steampunk as a sound recognized by all. As all knows this is sometimes hard due to the many different styles and eras of each artist and what's steampunk and what's not. We have gather artist from around the world and have a great surprise for the community when this project is released. I cant go into marketing strategies as of yet but at the right time all will be informed. If anyone has looked upon The Airship Isabella and her crew you will all know we are not your typical Steampunkers. WE are NACS...... Nacs are an anachronistic genre of people, events, and technologies out of place in time. Extreme ideas, sound, fashion, engineering, and art brought from the future and the past, this universe and the next, and presented to you by the Airship Isabella and her crew. The Isabella Is a steam powered airship that through the use of advanced steam engineering and augmented with magical technological wonders from different times. The Isabella and her air pirate crew travel the world in search for the most radical sound and visual technology, as well as the masters to spin there webs of universe through that technology and out to the masses. Let me introduce you to the crew of the Isabella..... Captain: Skycaptain Cedric Greyhawk Whittaker......... 1st Officer/ Chief Scientist: Dr. Jasper Ashton......... Chief Navigator: Amelia Whittaker......... Chief Engineer: Baron Agustine Gunn.......... Mistress of arms: Baroness Amethyist Gunn........ Chief Surgeon: John Ocelato...... And our time piece: Adrianna "Tyme" Ashton....... The Crew... Journalist: Aiyanna Prescott-Ashton.... Photographer: Arabella Butcher..... Daisie Whittaker.... Wyatt Whittaker.... Kitty Livingston...Warren Ashton......Mercy Ashton... and DJ Ashton.... You can find Bio's on each of my crew on there pages. As well stories of all of our wonderful adventures. Keep tuned for our interview with Sepia Chord regarding the Steampunk Compilation CD for further details.

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