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Dear Reader,


My past journal entries to the Empire have been about my endeavors to write works of fiction, but now I shall attempt to keep you posted regarding the progression of the Steampunk Empire Symposium, truly one of the major steampunk events of 2012 and certainly the most reasonably priced.


Known as the Queen City for its history with tall stack steamships that frequented its riverfront during the Victorian Era, Cincinnati, Ohio will now play host to the first official gathering of the Steampunk Empire. From this site's earliest days, Cincinnati has been the proverbial "heart of the Empire" and now it is the central location for this steampunk convention. The fun begins on at 4pm on April 27 and doesn't stop until 4pm on April 29. To ensure a quality event, the Symposium is limited to 400 tickets, but we shall certainly be taking over the Atrium Hotel for this steampunk extravaganza. We've negotiated great hotel room rates starting at $59/night (with breakfast and free parking) for a double, and early bird tickets are only $30 until the end of this year; room and a badge could cost you as low as $90 for the whole weekend.


Special guests to the Symposium include: Ay-leen the Peacemaker, artist Myke Amend, writer Leanna Renee Hieber, music from Frenchy & the Punk and This Way to the Egress, and much more. In addition to the usual panels and workshops, the Symposium will host the Imperial Steampunk Games, an olympic style tournament of contests and challenges that will pit airship against airship, group against group, in a gentlemanly arena. The winning airship/group will carry away the honor of the Steampunk Empire Symposium trophy. 


More details as they develop. Huzzah!


Sincerely, Aloysius 

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