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As I embark on my journey with Steampunk, I am nervous, excited, intrigued, and eager to learn. This genre was introduced to me a couple of years to ago and I quickly became hooked. However, I have been on the fringes just watching and learning. Now I am beginning to feel my way and are developing some ideas and persona that I want to nurture and watch grow. So this is where I am going...


Thoughts on my initial persona:

Name: Dr. Eliza Jane Goodfellow

Occupation: Expeditionist


Who is Dr. Goodfellow? Eliza Jane is a nature lover, explorer of cultures and history, and science. She is as comfortable at a ball as she is on a horse shooting her favorite rifle. Although Eliza Jane is a lady, she is vocal and can hold her own against the men who always try to silence her. Her knowledge of Egypt's history, culture and language has made her a valuable asset in many expeditions to the area. 


Eliza is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Goodfellow. Each of whom she shares many fascinating traits. From her mother, she inherited a keen sense of humor, a strong sense of self, and a love of nature. Eliza's father demanded her to exceed in science and history. Thus, her innate ability to adapt to any environment was honed at his knee. Dr. Goodfellow wanted Eliza Jane to be able to support herself and not depend on a man, which goes very much against the times. Her love of history began at an early age when she read Robert Luis Stevenson's Treasure Island. That one story sparked her interest in adventures and history. 


So that is the beginning...

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Comment by Captain Denvo Pryde on January 29, 2011 at 3:42pm
Everyone has to start somewhere and that is a great start. Can not wait to hear more on Dr. Eliza Jane Goodfellow.

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