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Writing stuff:

Persona Development*, Wordsmithing *, Self-publishing: Hows and Whys to Doing It Yourself*, Becoming a Publisher, or How NOT to be a Greedy Bastard*, Sacrificing Your Favorite Scene for the Sake of the Story*, Um, Where Did the Chicken Come From? When your Characters Do Stuff Without You*, The Mary Sue*, Creating a New World*, Add Some Ninjas! What to Do When You're Stuck*, Dealing with Criticism, Giving and Getting*, Research and Documentation*, Size Doesn't Matter: Short Stories and Essays*.

Nautical Stuff:

Evolution of the Ship*, Basic Nautical Knots*, Improvised Weapons and Shipboard Defense*, Emergency Shipboard Response*, Time and Direction on Board*, Clothing on Board*, Maps, Wagoneers and Rutters.

Clothing Stuff:

Long Fitted Coats in Period*, Elizabethan Fitted Gowns*, Fitting a Corset*, Kirtles and Cotehardies*, Garb Problem Solving*, Basics of Patterning*, Patterning for Dummies*, Clothes v. Costumes: Surviving Your Creativity*, Wigs for Cosplay*, Make Up for Cosplay*, Ink v. Fabric: How to Get an Impossible Look*, Haberdashery: Hats for All Occasions!*, Innovation in Costuming, or Doing it Your Way*, Making Your First Costume Entry*, Costume and Movement*, Craftmanship in Costume*,

Officer Stuff:

Being an Officer*, English Country Dance (Playfords)*, Court Dances*, Bransles*, SCA Dances*, Basic Heraldry*, Intermediate Heraldry (Rules for Submission)*, So You Wanna Be a Herald?*, Writing Letters of Recommendation*,

Scribal Stuff:

The Curiosity Map*, Basic Bastarda*, Planning a Scroll*, But I Don't Know How To Draw?! Collaboration in Scrollmaking*

Social Stuff:

I'm New to the SCA, What Do I Do?*, SCAisms, or Why I Don't Store My Buttons in Urine*,

Flirting and Getting Away With It*, Legendary Hungarian Personas*,


Armormaking*, War Camping: Prepping for Estrella*, Folding Space: Packing for Away Events

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Comment by C.D. Fleur on December 6, 2010 at 5:19am
Totally amazing!

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