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As some of you may be aware, I am the Baroness Violet von Mickelsburg, although some people have been known to call me Kim.  That's fine with me, I'm trying to keep a low profile, anyway.  What you may not realize is that I am also the owner of the Airship Octavia.  Owner, not captain, I hear you say?  Well, that's a bit of a funny story, actually...

Before the Octavia was <i>totally and legitimately</i> owned by myself, it was in fact a prototype ship.  My late husband the Baron provided the funding for its development, construction, and testing, so its only natural that upon his death I should have taken possession of it.  It's true there was some dispute raised by certain other parties, but, well, they can't take it unless they find it, and they're in Bavaria after all. 

The Octavia is a wonder of a modern airship, an experimental design intended for the wealthy individual's personal use.  It's quite tiny in comparison to the large warships and smaller merchant class air vessels.   It's small size gives it a maneuverability and speed unmatched by most ships, while keeping the costs of keeping it in the air low.  Most splendid of all, it can be controlled by as few as two individuals.  For the time being, those two souls are myself and my loyal pilot and navigator, Bramwell Averit Brock.  

We find it easiest to evade our pursuers if we don't get involved with any other crew, and, to be honest, we like our privacy and independence.  Not to mention that if we took on extra crew, we'd have to agree on who the captain is.  (Obviously, it's an argument I would win.  It's MY ship, after all. )

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Comment by Arewe' Thereyet. on August 15, 2011 at 10:01pm

Baroness-how could anyone resist your request!


May I express my deep appreciation to you and Bramwell for your attendance Saturday and I hope that the activities and visitation were to your liking.


Ah--to hear you speak of the Octavia reminds me of the Chupacabra which also is a smaller vessel.  May you continue to elude those who pursue and may the skies be fair.


Your servant

Sky Marshall Thereyet



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