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The Crossroads of the Aether

Morning: I awoke this morning with a ravenous appetite and feeling much rested. The past day (yesterday) seems to fade away into a vague dream. my recollection of arriving at this small town north west of Al Fashir on the afternoon of the 7th with my fellow expedition members is quite vivid, but every thing after our first meal seems distant and unreal. The physical tole of our subterranean river journey was, no doubt, far more exhausting and fatiguing than any of us had expected. Winslow, Cline, and Boilinger, pour old chaps, were on the verge of complete collapse upon our arrival here.

Afternoon: I am at last feeling awake and the shadowy mist that fogged my brain has now left me. It is my intention, for so I have set my mind to it, to speak with Winslow and the other senior members of the expedition tonight at dinner regarding our next step in pursuing Prof. Clausis.

I have spent much of the afternoon in intimate conversation with young Greenfield, that is Thomas (the others being still in restful recovery) and continue to find him the brightest of the lot. He is in agreement with me over the nature of the scroll and the amulet, as well as the insidious intentions of Prof. Clausis. I am not sure how much we should divulge of our thoughts to the others, they are sure to scoff at us, even good old Bernard!

Evening: I sit at a small desk in my meager room, pipe in hand, as I write this entry... The evening went as follows: After a somewhat "rustic" dinner provided by the Innkeeper's wife, I and Greenfield gathered the members of the expedition to my room for a private discussion regarding our next step. It was my intention, and Greenfield was in complete agreement with me, to pursue Prof. Clausis and I had hopes of convincing Winslow, Cline, and Boilinger to join us.

I was a bit set back when, after listening to my reasons for reaching the end of the subterranean river before Prof. Clausis, two of the senior members declined to go any further.
"It is too dangerous Leopold!" said Bolinger "I regret going as far as I have. I'm not a young man any more you know. And all this business about magic and Prof. Clausis is completely ridiculous!"
"I must also decline to accompany you." said Cline "This journey is more than I bargained for. I just wish to return home to England."
"I agree with you Boilinger, it is ridiculous. And Cline, I also wish to return home. But more then that I wish to finished what I have started. I shall accompany you and Greenfield, Johannes." said Winslow.
"Excellent Bernard! We shall begin tomorrow. Greenfield and I will tell you of our plans in the morning, for now, get a good nights rest, you will need it old man." I said.

That is all for now...

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