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October 3rd 2009 "The Preface Party" The Crew of the Pirate Airship Isabella will be hosting a fund raising party to raise money for the Isabella project and Halloween bash! "The Preface party" will be the first in the fantastic journeys of The Airship Isabella and her crew as they bring the sights and sounds of a future past that never was. A mix of industrial and technological sounds from different places and times. Brought to you through the manipulation of the most advanced steam technology ever attempted by man! So where and when? This is the question that you are asking..... The site: Lake Travis. In an effort to maintain the security of the landing and the ship,exact location will be posted. So stay tuned for details..We know and so will you at the right time! The Time: Gates open at 9:00pm till 2:00am Tickets: We will have a paypal account set up on the Isabella's Offical myspace page. All tickets will be presale ONLY! Ticket Prices are $10 and all proceeds go to fund the All Hallows eve Bash!! The Theme: Dust off your top hats and your goggles and ladies string up those corsets. This is Steampunk!!! TICKETS GOING FAST.....VERY FAST..... YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT......... SEE YOU THERE DOC JASPER ASHTON OF THE AIRSHIP ISABELLA......

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