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I had seen Unwoman at TeslaCon previously and figured I would support the artistic cause when Lord Baron Vorteque of Steampunk Chicago brought her to  here in Pittsburgh for a concert. The Facebook event had 37 people saying they would show up and 48 maybes. Using Facebook math, I had guessed that would mean about a dozen would actually show up and, in fact, I turned out to be correct. About a dozen, which I would imagine to be a bit of a disappointment to someone traveling all the way from San Francisco for a concert. 

Baron Vorteque introduced me to Erica, speaking favorably about meeting me very early in his interest in steampunk. That would have been Windycon in 2009.

I liked the performance, especially the electronic layering done with the cello. The cello itself was interesting as well. Just the fret and strings. All the rest amplified electronically. I imagine it's much easier to travel with than a full size cello, the huge size a resonating cavity for the sound.

I purchased her latest CD to support the cause. Having listened to it I prefer the "unplugged" live performance better rather than the full production version with drums and horns and such. Honestly, I would like the karaoke versions without lyrics. In general I prefer music without words.

I probably should have purchased Baron Vorteque's electro-swing CD as well. Again, to support the cause.

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