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  • Do you love the ridiculous antics of the Davenport sisters and wish you could be a part of it? Have you ever wanted fame? Fortune? Accolades from attractive random, well-dressed strangers? Well, we can help you with at least one of those things! (No, it’s not the fame and fortune.)

    Have you ever wanted to be on Old Time Radio? If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, now is your chance! Instead of a trip to some fabulous outlandish locale you can win the chance to be on the two turntables and a micro
    phone alongside Emmett Davenport.

    It’s ‘Who Wants to Be A Steampunk DJ?’

    Starting August 5th and running through August 19th, The Clockwork Cabaret will be accepting applications to become Emmett Davenport’s co-host & compatriot.

    Don’t adjust your hearing trumpet. You heard that right!

    Email ( or post (The Clockwork Cabaret ℅ Davenport & Winkleperry P.O. Box 741 Pittsboro, NC 27312; Attention: New Co-Host) please include a character biography, deejaying experience, and a demo CD. Be sure to include a sample of topics ranging from inventions, manners, pie, and some music selections. Or, in lieu of that, staple your name to a large sack of money.

    Current co-host & sibling extraordinaire, Mingan Davenport, will assist Emmett in reviewing the candidates, narrowing the choice to ten (10) personal interviews and then begin whittling down to a final five (5). We will then post those five (5) lucky candidates online allowing our friends & listeners to help vote for the new co-host. The winner will then be announced on September 1st.

    The fantastic, fabulous winner will be acting as co-host on the weekly podcast, The Clockwork Cabaret, & spinning for The Clockwork Ball with Emmett Davenport. You’ll have instant notoriety and live in steampunk infamy... 

    Ladies & Gentlemen, start your personalities!
P.O. Box 741Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312

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