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So it has been a while since I've posted for obvious reasons.  But I'm back thanks to all for the well wishes and encouragement!


I'm improving slowly, hard cause I'm not patient.  So I've occupied myself with work, learning new things to help my wordsmith steampunker to get his stories out there.  So far he's on twitter but has a little following.  :)  We're working on blogs and other stuff. @steampunknights if your want to add him. :)


Inspiration seems to rub off.  If someone is really inspired and a good soul  You'll get the bug, and anyone you come in contact with get's the bug too! Now we have a little rag tag team of novices helping, a grassroots effort if you will that lurves the genre!


Anyhow, to help him, I decided to use my crafty side to make something for well whatever we might need it for. 




One garage sale $7 dollar wood music stand

Copper spray paint

Copper electrical wire

A simple gold light fixture

Brass bead chain  20 yards



Glue gun

Gorilla glue



Tough scissors, or tin snips

masking tape

chalk and measuring tape

open area to work preferably with good ventilation

And a camera better than the one on your phone  :)


put it all together and...

My first steampunk masterpiece WITH TOOLS.


Enjoy and have a great day!




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