The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

... was literally someone having an idea,like you do, which soon blossomed into an unforgiving, steam-driven mistress known as "Engines of Destiny". A lot of time, dedication, and manual labor has been put into this no-budget film, and that was even before the camera started rolling. Teddy Roosevelt mustaches have come and gone, and casual imbibing to celebrate a hard day's work has turned into accelerated drinking problems. 

Still, this gang of misfit film-makers insist shot after shot upon an exhausted camera, hoisted by an equally exhausted Atlas known only as the director.

We're not completely new to the Steampunk Empire. We had this little gem back in the day when no one regretted working with one another yet. 

 Since then, the Professor (Arthur Hinds) is still way cooler than all of us, the Commodore (David Woods) has seen improvement in his hat, TR (Brian Pace) has grown and shed and is re-growing another bully mustache, and Lady Victoria (Rachel Marshall) has put her corset on right. Overall? If we do nothing else, at least we've accomplished all this. 

 So! We're on FB, we're on WordPress, we're on YouTube, we're on Mountain Dew, Aldi snacks, and pure adrenaline. More updates will be posted here and all those other obligatory social places in the coming months!

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