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   My wife and I enjoy Steampunk quite a lot, along with the costuming its really fun to come up with new personas of your Steampunk character. I see many people online that have some wonderfully thought out names that have much character to them.

   My wife, who at this time hasn't set on a first name for her lady, and I have done some historical research and found much inspiration from the Boer Wars in South Africa. We both have a great love of the dark continent and many adventures were set there in great works of Victorian era stories. Tarzan is one of my all time favorites.

Looking for a character that defines who I am or would be in my Steampunk world was quite easy for me. Allan Quatermain from LXG and Arjan van Diemen from The Tracker both resonate with me greatly.

If you have not seen *The Tracker*, I highly recommend it.

While not exactly a Steampunk movie, it is set in that time period.

We decided that we wanted to create a pair of unique characters that reflected our tastes and personalities.

   We are DUTCH, said with a sneer. There are only two things we hate, people that aren't DUTCH, and people who are tolerant of other people's cultures...

   Those of you who have watched the 3rd Austin Powers movie will get this joke...

   We own a plantation in South Africa and an Airship line. When I am not flying around on my airship, I can be found on safari looking for adventure, ready to blast any buggers that cross paths with us.

   With my reliable Blunderbuss 3000 plasma rifle and my backup Mauser c9600 blaster pistol, I'm equipped to deal with any and all creatures that I may discover in my trek across the dark continent.

I would love to hear about the details of other characters so please feel free to share your stories.

Thanks for reading my post.

Kyler Zonderborek, esquire.

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Comment by Kyler Zonderbroek on September 28, 2012 at 9:05am

Feel free to post your backstory, I think it would make for interesting reading.

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