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Work Work Work and a Little Bit of Fun with Pantone's Color Report

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time lately outside of my creative arts, learning about SEO, blogging, how to operate various social networking outlets and promote my Artfire page, even setting up my own web address ( And oh lord, the photography. I've researched how to take good jewelry pics, screwed around endlessly with lighting, re-photographed about 200 items (many of which still need to be listed) and toyed with re-touching software. I can barely move in my studio. It gets to a point where you forget the fun part - actually creating the stuff!

Anyhoo, I spent a better part of the weekend sifting through Artfire's items to make treasuries of items for each of the shades identified in Pantone's color report for 2012. If you'd like to check out some handmade items that are on trend (not steampunk, but still pretty cool)  check out my artfire blog all week.

Been watching Vision of Escaflwne this week. Lots of airships in there at least ;) lol

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