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Dear Reader,

So these last couple of days saw the reboot of the screenplay wherein the design of the script is that it can be divided into 10-12 minute episodes for potential web broadcasting. Today I managed to retrieve much of the script and subsequently have 12 pages of script saved; just have to write the other 80 or so pages now.

The wonderful news is that I am now writing and working from my almost finished office which has been quite the learning experience with 2x4 pieces of wood, power saws, insulation, drywall, mudding, and so forth. Yesterday saw the final coat of paint and it actually looks like a real room and not the concrete bunker it started as. Tomorrow we finish the electrics and I shall have three outlets and two lights to complete the room. Virginia Woolf made a big deal about having a room of ones own, and I too am thrilled to have a space that is utterly mine and devoted to my writing endevours.



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Comment by Mister "MadMan" Zapatero on July 28, 2010 at 9:41pm
HEY! i own a movie theater in a steampunk sim in second life
Would you consider filmsing this is a virtual world?

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