Alexandra Hamer - Darling Maria, Darling Louisa (reggae version of Ave Maria)

I have always loved the chord sequence and melody to the Bach/Guonod "Ave Maria" but I never liked the words so I thought I should write some new ones. To me, the melody suggests the desperate passion and yearning of infatuation but infatuation is fickle so here is a song about how quickly it's focus can shift from one love to another.

J. S. Back wrote his "Prelude No.1 in C Major" in 1722 and it was 137 years later that Charles Guonod wrote the "Ave Maria" melody to it. Guonod also added an extra bar to Bach's music as he felt it made his melody flow better. I prefer it without this addition so I've removed it.

Why reggae? Well, reggae changes chord with a particular sweetness so what better setting for one of the finest chord sequences ever written.

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